Friday, September 16, 2011

I am from...

This post is dedicated to my family... wherever they may be...

I am from the suburban medium town life with bikes and scuffed knees, climbing trees until the light posts come on, and cicadas buzz through the night.

I am from the Magnolia, the Oak Tree, and the Cypress.

I am from playing Pictionary for every boyfriend or girlfriend in loud boisterous conversations with laughter, from Patty and Bro and Baton Rouge.

I am from wearing our hearts on our sleeves and where big hipped women are prettier.

From Diet Coke and Pepsi will explode when mixed and from Mother Goose rhymes are important to remember.

I'm from New Orleans, from Red Beans and Rice on Monday nights and Stuffed Mirlitons when they’re in season.

From the house with the little yellow car in the front, the brother who fell out of a tree, and I am sister to a man who salutes.

I am from every Mardi Gras in rain or shine, having a family mock-trial during Christmas break, an adorable picture of a sister in boots and a cap, and watching a black curly furred dog have puppies many many times.

I am from summers too hot to lick an ice cream cone, friends who spoke only Spanish, and smashing a pick up truck cause its fun.

I am from summers in Indian Creek, making clay castles on the beach, and planting a tree at Girl Scout camp.

I am from More Than Words by Extreme, being proud to know a soldier, and going skiing for the first time.

I am from playing Nintendo and asking mom to not turn it off cause we’ll lose the game, Legos and GI Joes and metal Tonka trucks, and spray paint with fire.

I am from foot dances late night in the bed, combat boots with red dresses, and watching karate competitions over and over again.

I am from softball, basketball, and volleyball practice.

I am from hair-dos, makeup, and pretty dresses.

I am from all of this. I am from me.

This post was inspired by KCLAnderson who was inspired by a writing template you can find here Where Are You From?
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