Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favorite Exercises

The past two years I've done many different exercises and there are some that I love and ...some that I hate...some that I do everyday ....and some that I only do if they are a necessity. Here they are:

EXERCISES that don't hurt so much I LOVE TO DO:

Pushups (female)

I know, I know, I shouldn't be doing them this way. I'm working on going to full pushups (see below). But let it be noted I could barely do one from my knees two years ago and now I'm up to 10-15 at a time.

Chest presses

I love these cause it makes me feel so strong, plus from what I hear it's good for lifting up the frontal lady bumps.

Front Squats or Sumo Squats

At first I really hated these cause I couldn't get very low, but after continuing to work at it I can get all the way down with the kettlebell and feel a good burn in my quads and hamstrings.


I hated these. With extra hate. But they are a great cardio exercise. And now that I've worked at them I've grown to love them for their core work.


I think because of my wide set hips these maneuvers are really easy for me to do. I'll be honest that the real reason I love to do these is cause I'm really good at them compared to everyone else in my class. Not sure how I had the natural talent, but I'll take what victories I can get!


Best. core. exercise. ever.

KettleBell Swings

Great cardio and strength exercise. You work your legs, arms, core and the heart really gets racing.

Kettlebell Snatches

It took me a while to master these but once I started really getting the idea behind "exploding up" I find that these are a wonderful full body exercise.

Kettlebell High Pulls

A variation of the swings that really works the arms. Trust me you'll have biceps of steel!

Kettlebell Figure Eights

These are just fun. There's something about looping the kettlebell around my legs that makes me feel like I'm a Globetrotter. (and yes I hum the Globetrotter song while doing them)

Kettlebell Suitcase Drops

These are for those lovely hamstrings to make them tighter and firmer.

Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlifts

Perhaps it's my ballet from high school coming back, but every time I do these I imagine doing an arabesquese. I love balance poses and adding the weight makes it more interesting.

Kettlebell Rows

Love these cause I know I'm working the back of my arms which is something I really want to firm up.

Tire Push

This one is my fav just for sure beast-like fun. There's something about pushing that big tire around the floor that makes me feel masculine, strong, and able to conquer everything. I may not push it fast or have as much strength as others, but damn it's just fun.

Rope Swing

These. hurt. But again there's that same beast-like feeling of throwing the ropes around that makes me feel strong.

Man Makers or PushUp Rows

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment or have some weird torture fetish, but I love these for what they do for my body. They're tough, no denying, but they really give you a full body workout.


This is the cross-training that I do currently for my half-marathon training, but I've been swimming for many many years (or at least while I belonged to a gym with a pool). Swimming is a great cardio exercise that lengthens the muscles and gets the heart pumping. It's safe on the joints which means I can do these on the "rest" days between running and still feel like I get a good workout in. I'm naturally drawn to swimming and always have been, so it feels like being home. (P.S. DubyaKid's favorite exercise too, she frequently comes to the pool and swims laps with me - great for kids!)

Elliptical Cycle

I own one. And my first 50lbs of weight loss was thanks to using this baby everyday. It's a great investment if you can afford it. A great workout if you need to be indoors or prefer watching TV as a distraction. Medium-impact on the knees and ankles and if you do it long enough you get that awesome elliptical butt. ☺


No surprise here. I started running over a year ago and am addicted to the sport. It takes time, effort, and dedication to make it happen. But once you start it's like an addiction. It's a goal-setting type of sport, so you'll find yourself wanting to do 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons and thinking about marathons too! The beauty of it is that all it takes is you and some pavement. Running is by far the best cardiovascular sport, imo.

EXERCISES that hurt like a b*tch I HATE TO DO:


Mainly I dislike this one cause I can't figure it out! It takes coordination that I lack in some kind of way. SpiderMan, I am not.


I know the benefits of lunges, I know they're great for my legs and core, but I can't stand doing them. I feel so awkward and always feel like I'm never doing them right. I try to watch myself in the mirror and the form is correct (per my instructor too), but there's something about these that seems unnatural... perhaps cause my quads are burning!

Side Planks

You want me to drop my hips while balancing on my elbow and feet? Have you seen the size of my hips? So I know I'll love these once I work more on my core, problem is I have to do these to be able to do them better. Unfortunately my obliques are almost non-existent (for now) and I can barely keep up for more than 15 seconds.

Kettlebell Windmills

These are here cause I'm 50/50 on them. While I appreciate them and can do them, they're very awkward pose and I often wonder what muscles I'm working when doing them.

Kettlebell Turkish GetUps

This should probably be on the list below cause I want to be able to do these. These are a great exercise using your entire body. I find them fun and interesting. A very unique exercise. I've done them a handful of times in classes, but it's always terribly difficult and takes multiple tries. Eventually I think when I grow stronger after doing them repeatedly they'll move up to the ones I love. For now though... they are my nemesis.



I've done a small amount of this on the EA Sports Active (PS3) but it was all shadow boxing, no kicking or sandbags. I'd really love to give this a try sometime. There's something about releasing anger and punching and kicking stuff that appeals to me. ☺


This is something I need to integrate into my training. First starting with negative pull-ups and then working from there. At my gym there are pull up bars right in the middle of our gym room and I want so badly to be able to jungle gym on them.

PushUps (male)

See above "PushUps (female)" Again something I need to integrate. First starting with negative pushups and then doing as many as I can. Women get off your knees and do it like the men! (that's what she said)

Jacob's Ladder

I saw this machine in a you tube video and I want it at my gym! It just looks fun and hard to do! I love a challenge!

Stair Climbing

I hate stair climbers and I generally hate walking or running up stairs, but when I see the stairs at stadiums there's an uncontrollable urge to climb them all. Plus for runners it's great training to work up that speed. Again, I love a challenge!


Maybe its because of going faster and longer distances. Or maybe because its better on my knees. Or maybe because I see an eventual Tri in my future. (far far future, ha!) I'd love to own a road bike and cross-train with this. I'm sure my knees, ankles, and feet would thank me.

Try some of these out and let me know what you think! Are you already doing some? What are some of your favorite exercises? What are some you can't stand!?

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