Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Play Dirty Adventure Recap (with Pictures!)

The Play Dirty Adventure Trail Run is a 5K mud run/obstacle course. It's presented by the Gulf Coast Adventure and is a fantastic way to change up running if you get tired of distance or repetitive road races.

We arrived on site at about 8am and my wave started at 9am. Unfortunately due to the massive amount of people and lack of registration tables, my wave began late and even worse... I wasn't with it. I actually wasn't worried at all and knew that I could just hop into another wave, but when I found out that my timing chip band would be off because of it (It says I finished the 5K in 1 hour and 27 minutes) I was a little ticked. I really wanted to have my first PR for a trail run / obstacle run. But c'est la vie! I made Dubya take a before pic to show the clean before the dirty-dirty. (By the way, kudos to Dubya for being a real trooper during the registration and race. He's generally not a fan of going and "hanging out" at races, but he sucked it up and did as his wife asked. Thanks, sweetie!)

While waiting for entry I met up with Melanie a infrequent runner but neede da running pal and a fellow Run Louisiana (#RunLA) friend CajunTisha who was delayed as well. So we decided to run together and enjoyed becoming running buds during the race.

Had it not been for my wave starting late I wouldn't have caught KatieRUNSthis walking up to the race area and she snapped a quick pic of me! Yay for running friends who know you love action pics! (Thanks Katie!)

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was on site too and he grabbed some pics of me while I was climbing the hay-bails with CajunTisha. I'm fairly certain I had that smile plastered on my face during the entire run. I'm such a uber-running-nerd.

After words I was definitely exhausted and certainly very dirty. Dubya greeted me with a Powerade Zero and I ran around trying to hug DubyaKid to get her muddy like I was. She's a shifty little booger!

CajunTisha and I showed off our completely wet nasty shoes after having climbed wooden structures in waist deep muddy water, crawled through mud on our hands and knees, jumped through tires, gone through muddy tubes, climbed ropes, and even a dark maze that was playing soothing indie rock music... I debated finding a corner in there and laying down for a nap.

We posed for a picture to show off our race bling. Our time was roughly 45 minutes. I'm not sure cause of the timing chip and I didn't dare bring anything electronic to time it (it would've been too wet!). This will be my second medaled race and many more to come. I'm gonna have to figure out how to display these medals. I'm thinking of something with spotlights, dry-ice and "The Final Countdown" playing ... too much?

Next up was the Mini Muck (the race for the kids) it was only a 3/4 mile and not as many obstacles (which DubyaKid complained about - she wanted to do the adult race) but nonetheless she wanted to run it. There's really nothing so wonderful as watching my kid start off from the starting line in the big group like she did. I feel bad for not running with her, but I was so proud of her at the finish line, screaming "You did it!"

Of course, as pay back, she had to hug me and get me all muddy. She was ten-times muddier than what I was, and some of the kids coming out of that group were head to toe covered in mud. On purpose, of course. ;-)

DubyaKid and I made sure to wear shoes that we weren't afraid to throw away, and they immediately went into the trash can after the race.

We both got some race bling and got to share in some great moments of dirty racing.

I hope DubyaKid can look back on this moment and see how much fun and joy I get out of doing silly, crazy, and healthy activities. I hope she in turn has that love and joy for it too. And I hope she hangs on to that race medal and remembers that she did something good for herself that day. Not to mention... got to play in mud!

No Dubyas were harmed in the making of this race. Besides some bruises and scrapes we were unscathed, but in serious need of some showers!

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