Friday, September 2, 2011

#RunLA - Claim Your Journey

Here's a group/blog/movement that I fully support and have had the pleasure of participating with in various events. Below is their video and a little bit about them. I hope you'll be inspired to help their cause, buy a T-Shirt and help promote Run Louisiana!

In January 2011, Louisiana native Brandon Williams decided he would participate in the Forge Trail Series for his New Year’s resolution and share his journey through a blog. He quickly learned that Louisiana lacked a platform to promote the sport of Running and was also ranked 5th in the nation for physical inactivity.

Wanting to help, he launched Claim Your Journey, a comprehensive initiative dedicated to fighting the problem of physical inactivity within our families in Louisiana through promoting Running as the first option for a healthier and more active lifestyle. Run Louisiana.

Why choose to run?

Running is arguably the easiest physical activity one can engage in. For, it only requires a pair of good running shoes. Benefits of Running:

• Running can assist people in losing weight.

• Running is frequently recommended as therapy for people with clinical depression and people coping with addiction.

• Many participants in the sport report feeling an excited, joyful state often referred to as a runner’s high.

“Running is more than our passion, it’s our lifestyle. Run Louisiana”

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