Friday, September 30, 2011

What you put in, is what you get out...

Quick post, and just a general stream of consciousness post (which I do very rarely)...

I'll be completely honest that for a while I have started to question myself and my past work ethic as it pertains to my career goals and what I want out of "a company". It's very easy to blame a business for my own faults. It's easy to scapegoat. Suffice it to say, I reviewed my actions, what I wanted in a business, in my professional life, and how I want to be as a business woman.

What did I find?

I'm a woman of action.

In my personal life (on this blog) I preach taking charge of problems that arise and making them happen. I "live" reevaluating myself and trying harder. I embrace change. I try to "do more."
In looking at my personal mantras, mottos, ethos, etc. I came to realize that I wasn't practicing what I preached in my past professional life. I wasn't truly allowing myself to utilize these wonderful personality traits in the workplace. Jobs were just that, jobs.

I'm not sure where the hesitancy originated, but at some point I cut off my personal and professional self, as if the where two totally different things and I couldn't combine the two.
Don't misunderstand, I know there are those who recognize and even recommend a clear distinction and separation of personal versus personal. And I would agree... to a certain point.

Our strengths, our personality traits, our ambition is something that our office needs. It's something that defines us personally and to deny that in the workplace is selling ourselves (and our company) short.

I've changed in the past two years. I've lost weight, sure, but personally I'm a much more motivated, happier, and an emotionally stronger woman. Who am I to deny putting that same effort into what I do?

So really this is about "what you put in, is what you get out..." Just like weight loss, just like achieving fitness or running goals... just like having a happy professional career or workplace. The more I invest myself and my motivation, the more I feel like I make a difference and am happier in those 8 hours each day.

So what did I do: I made a decision. I took action.

I sought out continuing education, made plans for certifications in my field, I joined organizations that can help me network. I also discussed with my employer whether my long-term professional plans is something my employer also wants.

For me, investing means getting involved, fighting the urge to be lazy... fighting the urge to fall into routine... reinventing and renewing my motivation to do a great job each day.

So here's to a new method of thinking and hoping it pays off. I posted this in my desk and hope its a reminder to me each day:

Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool

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