Monday, September 19, 2011

What's in Your Gym Bag?

Every night I have a evening tradition of packing up my gym bag for the next day. I actually don't go to the gym everyday but I like to have my gym bag, ready and packed to go just in case. Many times I keep it in the trunk of my car just in case I get the opportunity to go. I like to be prepared for "exercise opportunities."

Here are some pics and descriptions of what I have in my gym bag
and what you should pack for yours too. :)

First and foremost, workout clothes. The essentials for me is bottoms, tops, sports bra, socks and shoes. I try to wear "workout friendly" clothes, which means if I'm running I wear tighter fitting pants and shirts cause I hate a loose fit during a run. For my strength class I'm more comfortable in capris (cause sometimes we're on our knees for some exercises). I make sure to pack my favorites and stuff I know I'll wear so I don't have the excuse to not workout cause of the clothing selection.

My cellphone armband and cellphone headphones. I have an HTC Inspire and Dubya bought me special headphones that have a cool skip and pause button. They also have a microphone, so while I'm on the run I can skip songs, answer the phone, pause, etc. This is a TuneBelt armband which I have used for both the iPhone and the HTC Inspire. I recommend it. It's reasonably priced and has served me well over the past year.

Swimwear. I'm cross-training in the pool and my swim-gear comes with me everywhere I go. As you can see, I love Speedo. It's worth the extra money to buy the swimming tight fit suit, goggles, etc. For long haired gals (like me) I recommend getting a swim cap, it just makes things neater and less worrisome when doing your laps. Also, as shown here I bought some Kiefer Power Swim Fins, great for building up those leg muscles.

Shower necessities. I love lunch time gym classes, but I don't want to stink at the office. My 30 minute lunch classes allow me some time to jump in the shower and get spruced up before I head back invigorated to get some work done. I bring with me some body wash, shampoo & conditioner, men's strength deodorant, and a towel (don't forget the towel! I forget it all the time! "Borrowed" gym towels at the gym are icky!)

Heart Rate Monitor. Sometimes I use this sometimes I don't. Recently I have not been wearing it cause I've felt like the SportsLine 1025 Men's Duo isn't as accurate. I plan to get a new HRM soon, but am hesitant to spend too much money on something that may not be accurate. Any recommendations? (Needed mostly for running.)

ID & a lock. I have to say that my Go Sport ID is my new favorite running accessory. It's my "insurance policy" which is to say that it has all my contact info and listed as "Organ Donor" in case anything should happen to me (grim, I know, but necessary.) It also has a personal engraving of my motivational wording "Just Run" on the front. Great motivation to put on my wrist before I'm off running to remind me of what it's all about. The lock is a no-brainer. Don't want my stuffs stolen. I prefer the combo to the key, cause I don't want to carry anything around in the gym.

Weight Gloves and wrist sweat bands (wrist guards). I forked over the dough for the Bionic Women's Weight Gloves and have to say I love these. We have a ton of kettlebell work in my strength classes and they can take their toll on my pretty hands (blisters, ouch!). These have a leather palm and padding around the inside pads, helping to relieve the pressure of friction. They fit real well and wash well too. The Mizuno Wristbands were something I bought to help with sweating getting into my hands, but now they help to alleviate the kettlebell hitting my forearm and leaving bruises. Good purchase, only $5.

Various other stuff. I always bring with me some Ostrim Meat Snacks or meal bars, or nuts. Anything that I can fuel with in case I forget to eat before class or need a snack afterwards. I also am a new fan of the Zensah Compression Sleeves especially cause I can wear them under my work clothes and get some good recovery on my shins after my workout. Finally, no bag would be complete without some hydration. For a great trick, freeze your water or Powerade Zero the night before and throw it in the bag in the morning. While it sits in your car, it'll be ready and cold for drinking before or after your gym time. Speaking of cold, if you haven't tried the ArticEase Cryotherapy Wraps then you are missing out! I got some freebies (via LeavingFatville) at Fitbloggin'11 and I have to say they are my favorite ice wraps and are ah-maze-zing! Worth the investment.

So here's my bag all packed up and ready to go for the next day. I recommend making this a nightly habit as I have. I love that I'm all packed up each morning and know that I'm ready to go for the day.

After I took these pictures for this post I was at Academy Sports & Oudoors and saw this Adidas bag on sale and couldn't pass it up! Just look at those awesome colors! Yay for a new gym bag!

Now I'm prepared to warrior on at the gym! Bring on the pain and sweat!

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