Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to Basic
It's been a rough road this past couple of weeks, and things seemed crazy. When life gets stressful the best thing to do is go back to what works, so here's my plan for this week:
  • Monday morning run - For some reason this sets the tone of the rest of the week. It gives me a boost start and really helps me to get in a "fitness frame of mind." That means Getting some sleep the night before and getting prepared.
  • Tuesday running group - I miss my friends and I miss running with a group. Enough said.
  • Strength Classes - I need to attend everyday. For a couple of reasons 1) I LOVE these classes, they make me feel strong and fit. 2) I pay for them... 3) Strength is an integral part of half-marathon training.
  • Run, run and more running. While I'm on a half-marathon training plan and that requires certain mileage, even if I can't get my full mileage in for the day, I need to run. If I don't have an hour set aside for running, I need to just do what I can. I'm limiting myself and really it's very simple: I need to run more.
  • Elliptical cycle: Hello my old friend! When I don't feel like running, when it's cold, or rainy, or even I just feel like something different. My trusty elliptical is there. (Plus, bonus is that I get to watch TV while working out, so no excuses.)
  • Swimming. This requires some planning or possibly some "late night" laps. BUt I love swimming and its a physical challenge. Pledging at least 1 swim this week.
  • Time to work on a #7daychip which means logging in LoseIt! (calorie counting) and focusing on healthy eating. One week of healthy eating and focus won't kill me. ;-)
  • Water, Water, Water! I've really been slacking here. I need to carry around my water bottle with me wherever I go, and to really focus on drinking as much as I possibly can.
  • Vitamins. I used to be a daily taker, every morning like clock work and I've drifted away. Time to set a smartphone alarm and get myself back on schedule.
I hope to begin this plan first thing tomorrow morning, and I'll update on Wednesday as to how I'm doing, then Friday as to how the week went. Finally next week to see if it helped me to "get back on track." I'll weigh myself Monday morning and then again next Monday.

So let's summarize:
- Monday morning run
- Attend Tuesdays running group
- 2 to 3 strength classes
- Run my mileage and/or run at least once each day.
- 1 elliptical session
- 1 swim/lap session
- Logging calories all week (trying to stay under calorie range & within nutrition percentages)
- 64 oz of water each day
- Vitamins every morning

Let's see if this can be a "TurnAround Week." Time to get back to basic.

Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool

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