Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to Basics: Day 1 (Week 1)

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Here's a summary of my day:

Monday Morning Run: X (overslept)
Mileage: 4 (elliptical) miles √
Strength class: √ (went at lunch)

Vitamins: √
64 oz of water: √

Calorie Range: 1828KC (but exercised 639KC) √
Nutrition %: 49% Carbs / 29% Fat / 22% Protein √

So Monday Morning run did not happen (I blame late night watching The Walking Dead and Dubya), however I did go to my weight class at lunch time. It was so refreshing and invigorating to be lifting again.

I had hoped to go for a run before sunset, but with it getting dark sooner I couldn't so I went ahead and did my same mileage on the elliptical. I figure I need to give myself no excuses for the mileage and just do them anyway I can.

My calorie range was at the "high" level of what I normally like to stay at. (1250 to 1800) I blame Jason's Deli and their GingerBread Muffins, I had no idea there were that many calories stuffed into 3 little mini-muffins. Lesson learned. My nutrition was a little high in fat, mainly from some boiled eggs for breakfast and the aforementioned Jason's Deli. I tried to do well at the office today with only having a Protein Shake for lunch, some red peppers and hummus for a snack and some beets. Regardless I'm pretty proud of my willpower. There was leftover Halloween candy at the office and for dinner I could have resulted to the yummy tasty (and easy!) pizza delivery. But I made the effort.

I won't lie. Today was tough. Normally I don't have to force myself to exercise, I usually want to. After being "lazier than normal" recently if took some effort. Also, I went away from "snacking" and for the past couple of weeks eating larger meals more spread apart. This poses a problem as I was getting into the starve and gorge symptoms, which also results in being hungrier in between snacks. Regardless, I ate reasonably well and avoided temptation and all was tracked. So Day 1 of #7DayChip is down.

Water feels so good! I had forgotten what it's like to be hydrated.

So Day 1 of Back to Basics is under the belt and tomorrow begins Day 2. I know I joke about "blaming" others and please take it as a joke. I recognize that the key to my success lies in my own hands. There's some fear and comfort in that. The key lesson I've learned from today is that I used to plan my days way more than I do now. I've allowed myself and my schedule to become so "flexible" that I've completely lost structure. It's time to gain back some of the planning and stick-to-it-tiveness that I once had.

I'm off to get my running clothes ready for the morning, pack my gym bag for tomorrow, prepare my lunch, and then some healthy, rehabilitating sleep.

Edit: Was super hungry after my elliptical, so I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts (no giggling).
Calorie Range: 1998KC (but exercised 639KC) X too high (over by about 100)
Nutrition %: 45% Carbs / 34% Fat / 21% Protein X too high fat

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