Monday, November 14, 2011

Results: Back to Basics

So it's has been a rough week, a bunch of "wrenches" thrown into my plans, but regardless I'm pretty happy with my results. Let's take a look:

Weight on Monday, Nov 7th, 2011 - 183.6 lbs

X - Monday morning run
X (scheduling issue) - Attend Tuesdays running group
√ (attended 2) - 2 to 3 strength classes
X (2 run sessions for total of 7 miles this week) - Run my mileage and/or run at least once each day.
√ (actually did two!) - 1 elliptical session
X - 1 swim/lap session
X - Logging calories all week (trying to stay under calorie range & within nutrition percentages)
√ - 64 oz of water each day
√ - Vitamins every morning

Weight Monday Nov 14th, 2011 - 184.8 (

Obviously I was hoping for a loss but Sunday night's dinner was pizza so I'm not surprised to see a higher number.

So there's some good and some bad here. Overall, I had a crazy week with scheduling and am pretty proud of the amount of activity I was able to fit in. My biggest issue is not being able to wake up in the morning to go for my morning runs.

It's become very apparent to me that I'm having difficulty with self-discipline when it comes to food. I'm craving sugars and starches, and sometimes find myself snacking even when I'm not hungry. I need to be more aware of this.

So I'm moving on to Week 2 of this endeavor. Same checklist as above except I'm adding two items.

- 8 Hours of Sleep each night
- 1 yoga session

Here's to another week, I'm already well underway having done my Monday morning run! Onward!

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