Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Me; From Me

Similar to my post from 2010 Christmas: To Me, From Me I'm making this is a Christmas tradition on to write a letter to myself.  So here goes: 

Dear DubyaWife,

Merry Christmas! I know last year I gave you this incredible gift of over 70 lbs of weight loss and it's hard to top that, perhaps I was too giving in 2010. Ha! But this year I think, I've done something even more incredible.

I've given you running.

From slow jogs at a slug's pace to, now, keeping up with running friends!  It took a great deal of of sweat, some huffing and puffing, early morning wake-ups, soaking in epsom salts, icing down shins, and omg, LOTS OF SHOES! There was some pain, and even some tears, but I've finally been able to really just run.

I gave you a first 5K at Fitbloggin, multiple other 5Ks, miles upon miles of steps, and above all... I've given you a new love.  A new love and hobby that combines both your need for stress relief and peace of mind, while helping you stay fit and healthy.

In 2010 you dreamed of being a runner, in 2011 - you are one.

I hope you like my gift and aren't too disappointed that it's not another 70 lbs of weight loss, but I think that this gift is an accomplishment that you can boast about for many years to come and truly appreciate.  I hope you use it well in 2012 and do something really special, like maybe running a half-marathon ;-)

Hoping you have a happy & HEALTHY Christmas,

Your Body

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