Friday, January 27, 2012

But What If You Can't

In talking with an acquaintance of mine about my recent goal of 30 lbs of weight loss she asked me this:

"But what if you can't...? What if your body decides that the weight you are at is all you'll ever lose, and you can't lose anymore."

I asked her to repeat the question because she used a word that wasn't in my vocabulary...

I looked at her inquisitivly and shrugged my shoulders, sighed, and said, "I don't know, I can't answer that."

After some time to really ponder the question and think about my answer...
Here is my formal response:

Can't is not being able to breath underwater.
Can't is not being able to fly.
Can't is not being able to live forever.

In short, can't is finite. An absolute. It has a stopping point. It has an ending and once reached it can't progress any further.

I am not can't.

I am infinite, unfinished, a work in progress. Everyday I reach closer and closer with every healthy step I make.  Why should I bog myself down the "possibilities of what I can't do" rather than focus on the things I can do?  I'd rather err on the side of knowing my body is fully capable, then to just accept that I have to submit to defeat.

Self-acceptance is one thing.
Self-motivation is another.

Can't is a fiction. It's a word we use to give ourselves the worse case scenario. When instead we should seek the best case scenario.

So to sum up, "But what if you cant?"
"Oh, but what if I can."

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