Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "Crash" Diet

A blog post from DW

So I'm gonna be hypocritical for a bit here, but hear me out...

I've always preached healthy eating... maintaining some consistent physical activity... and avoiding "quick fix" diets/pills/etc. as solutions.

This week I started a "crash" diet.

I know, I know... "But whyyyyyyyy, DW?!?"

It may seem as though it's contrary to my belief system and what I practice here on, but I found that after the training and consistent meal plan that I had fallen into for over a year, I was plateauing.

And a year is a long time to plateau.

To help "jump start" my system, a friend through a nutritionist and personal trainer recommended this one week cleansing and high protein diet.  The key is that it's only one week.  This was emphasized to me over and over again.  It's not meant long term, nor to be sustainable.  Just something to mix up the body and then get back on track with a healthy lifestyle.

My reluctance to talk about it on here really doesn't stem from the fact that it is against my normal routine, but more because I can't spread the details of the plan.  (For proprietary reason, I can't post it on here.) Perhaps that is for the better. I wouldn't want any readers, followers, and the like taking it and using it as a long-term meal plan.  And so many people these days seek out quick fixes and plans that come from sources less than worthy.

I, by no means, pretend to be a guru in fitness, health, or nutrition.  Nor would I recommend anyone to follow this plan (especially since I haven't yet tried it for myself.)  All I can do is provide my own opinions and data from my own journey and hope that it inspires others to find what works for them.

As for this "super secret meal plan" (SSMP)... I hope to see some type of results from it, even if it helps me to be more nutrition focused for a week.  Perhaps having the strict-ness reintroduced to my lifestyle is something that I need at this point.

Regardless, I plan to be smart about it.  One week on it and then I'm back to regular eating.  Also, at any point if I feel I'm in danger - that's no bueno - and I call the whole thing off.

I hope to see some results from it by the end of the week and perhaps even thereafter as my body goes "wtf?"

So here's to changing things up and trying something new.
Super Secret Meal Plan.

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