Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fact & Fiction

Fact - I have 11 days until my half-marathon.
Fiction - I'm not ready for my half-marathon.

Fact - I've gained some weight during training.
Fiction - I can't lose weight.

Fact - I ate very healthy and nutritious yesterday.
Fiction - I'll eat healthy everyday for the rest of my life.

Fact - I want to reach my 100 lbs loss goal this year.
Fiction - I can't lose 100lbs.

Fact - I've lost almost 70 lbs before.
Fiction - I can't lose 30 lbs more.

Fact - I've committed to my "Post-It Note Goals."
Fiction - I will meet my "Post-It Note Goals" everyday.

Fact - I've committed to doing #plankaday for 2012.
Fiction - I'll remember to do #plankaday everyday.

Fact - I love my weight training class (Art of Strength).
Fiction - Lifting weights makes girls look like body builders.

Fact - I love running and miss my running groups.
Fiction - I'm not a runner.

Fact - Exercise is important to fitness.
Fiction - Doing more cardio is the only way to lose weight.

Fact - Being flexible with my fitness and nutrition is key to my success.
Fiction - I need to be strict, stringent, and unforgiving.

Fact - I will try my best everyday.
Fiction - My best isn't good enough.

Fact - A healthy lifestyle makes me happier.
Fiction - In order to be happy, I must be perfect.

Fact - I'm not perfect.
Fiction - I'm not perfect.  
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