Monday, January 9, 2012

Half-Marathon: The Final Week

Its a week before my half-marathon and that means...

There's a combination of anxiety, fear, and excitement that is really difficult to describe in words, but needless to say, this is all very overwhelming.

I'm glad I ran 10 miles last week because each time I think of the three point friggin one, I always end up thinking "I did 10... I can do more..."  Although my 5 miler this Saturday was laboring... so of course I have a lot of self-doubt rolling around.

I had nightmares last night.
Nightmares about being late for the run.
About not being prepared.
About being injured.

I also fear looking like an idiot. After my 10 mile run with Varsity Sports and some #RunLA friends  and then this past weekend's 5 miler, I realize I'm a slow runner and I feel so very new to all of this.  Where my confidence of being a runner is emphasized in talking with non-runners, when I'm with "real" runners - I feel like I'm a n00b.

I'm going to be walking quite a bit, especially towards the end.  And while there's part of me that wants to jog this fully, I'm certain that the walks will help me to pace myself and keep my motivation going.

I don't fear quitting.  Cause I know I won't.

I fear getting injured... I had some IT band pain yesterday, that after some stretching went away and today I don't feel it at all.  I fear being injured so bad that I can't push through the pain and cross that finish line.
And all that's important at this point is crossing that finish line.

Beyond that... I'm excited to be at a race again... the expo before, the pre-run fun, the festivities after. I enjoy it. I enjoy the celebration.  I'll love being a part of it.

This week is, of course, slow; tapering to get ready for the onslaught.  I'll be going to the expo the day before and having a wonderful carb filled Italian dinner with some running friends that night.

Early morning wake up for race day of course and a 7am start time.  For anyone interested in following me as I run, go to and request to be one of my Street Teammates.  The day of the race, I will have my GPS live and you can watch me progress through my half-marathon.  Cheer me on!

So for the next 5 days I'm just doing some light cardio, lifting weights, and a couple of short runs.  All in preparation for this test of endurance.

I hope I'm ready.
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