Monday, January 23, 2012

The New Goal

Oh come on, you knew it was happening...

How could I possibly go a week or more without the next "big picture" in mind?!?

After having finished the half-marathon and therefore any training, my focus has shifted.  As pointed out before in my previous posts, I want to become leaner, stronger, and healthier before picking up my next running challenge.

To me, this means hitting that final goal.  30 more pounds of weight loss will equal 100 lbs gone.  And a (technically) "healthy BMI.
That is my goal.

I know that my weight loss has slowed down and now I should expect 0.5lbs to 1lb of loss a week.  Which means that I won't hit that 30lbs loss until next year most likely.

But it is not all about losing weight. I want to be stronger.  Faster.  Generally just a "more fit" person.

My game-plan thus far is to keep things flexible, but here's a rough draft:

  • A 1 week "crash diet" to quick start the metabolism (more to come about this later in the week)... no judging. ;-) Thereafter, a reduced calorie but nutritionally balanced day to day plan.  Tracking everything to ensure I'm staying on track.  (but not freaking out over little hiccups here and there). 
  • As many group circuit-training classes as I can fit in a week.  Usually the lunch time ones are my best fit (30 minutes) and they are great to break up my day.  If not, the afternoon hour sessions are a good fall back. 
  • Rejoin (or restart) my running with my Happy's Running Club on Tuesday evenings.  I miss the camaraderie and it'll help me to keep up my running mileage and muscle memory. 
  • Cross-Training:  Mainly the elliptical I have at home for ease. But I'd like to give some spinning classes a try and get back into lap swimming when the weather warms up.  Either way, I need to get back into 30 minutes of cardio every day.  This was my routine for the first 70 lbs, time to restart.  
  • Yoga.  At least once a week.  This will help prevent injury and maintain flexibility. 
  • Weekend long mileage runs.  Usually around the lakes and on those days where I feel like I need to get outside and enjoy the world.  Since I still plan on running at least a 5K a month, its important I keep up my mileage. 
So this may seem like a bunch, but I'm realistic. I know I won't hold to this plan every week or every day or even every moment.  But I'll try. Getting the necessary sleep and having "rest days" are important.  I know this.  The above is a "rough draft" or "flexible plan" so that I don't set myself up for failure. 

(I would love to hit this weight before Fall Fitbloggin 2012... just because then I could celebrate with my gals up there.)

In retrospect (and after rereading what I just wrote)... while 30lbs is great... it's really not necessary.  That is to say, if I start losing inches and/or running sub 10 minutes miles and never lose a pound, I'll consider it a win.Reality is - while I want the numbers, I'm going to try to not lose sight of what healthy living is all about.

This is not temporary.
This is not a quick fix.
This never ends.

Health living is a choice that I make every day to better myself through physical fitness and nutritional eating.  

I know this. 

I will endeavor to remember how far I've come, how I love myself regardless of numbers, and how I set goals to help me continue forward (not to beat me down).

So here's to a new goal that helps to drive me forward and yet keeps me in the present ever mindful of the beauty of the journey.


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