Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: Making the Effort

I won't talk about religion here... cause well, that's for a different blog. But for many people... today is about sacrifice... about "giving up something"... about making the effort.

Boy, that's a tough word isn't it...? Effort.
It means having to try.   And not only try, but try harder.

When times are easy.
When times are tough.
When (in most cases) you have to give up the "easy way" for the "hard way."

That's effort.

Going outside of your comfort zone are really making that push for a little bit better.

It's really something I struggle with on a daily basis.  Easy versus hard.

Because it's so "easy" to just let things slide.  To give in to stress or pain or comfort for those things that make us return back to a state of normalcy.

And in some cases, it's a necessity.  When life has been tough or things seem grim.  Sometimes we need easy.  Sometimes we need that comfort.  For everything to be normal.

But then, normal become complacent.  And complacent becomes lazy.  And we end up beating ourselves up wondering "How did I get here!?!? ... Things seemed to be going so well... "

Effort becomes a lingering thought in our brain of "I should have"s ...


When does effort become reality?  More than just a mere wish upon our hearts.
When does effort become action?

And for that matter, what sort of actions constitute effort... or even significant effort. 

A 5 mile run everyday...?
A two hour gym session...?
A under 1200 calorie diet week...?

Committing to eating a vegetable at every meal...?
Taking a 10 minute bike ride...?
Saying no to that extra slice of pie...?

In my opinion effort comes in many different forms.  And it's difficult to see them without context.  But in actuality making the conscious decision to go out of one's way to do something is effort.

Working towards a goal no matter how big or how small = Making the effort.

So today, while you're thinking about "giving up" something, or Spring Cleaning, or getting ready for summer bikinis... remember....

Making the effort is going outside your comfort zone.
Making the effort is action.
And making the effort isn't big or small - it just is.

Make the effort. 

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