Friday, March 9, 2012

Being Nice to Myself

It's been less than 5 days than my half-marathon relay...

I planned to give myself a day of rest after and then once again hit hard with some cardio, strength training, start to form a routine.  Back to meal plans. Go hardcore.

And I didn't.

This week I've beaten myself up.  I planned some workouts and they didn't happen.  I wanted to eat healthy but made poor choices (too many poor choices).  I even packed my gym bag and it's sitting in my car just waiting.  It makes me feel guilty.  It makes me feel hurt.  It makes me feel sad and depressed.  

It's easy for me to spiral out of control when this happens.
One of two things happen:

1) Either I get gung-ho and an "all or nothing attitude."  I'll spend two hours at the gym as if taking one day makes up for the "missed days."  ... maybe it does... but it really doesn't. And I'll be super obsessive about my food.

2) Or I'll cave and just say "f*** it" and end up putting myself in old routines and habits.

Even the most motivated and healthy athlete has bad days\bad weeks.  And I don't pretend to be an athlete.

When it comes down to it, a healthy lifestyle isn't about being healthy 100% of the time.  It doesn't mean working out everyday and eating healthy everyday and guess what?  (Prepare yourself...)

A healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to lose weight.

Now I know that's hard to take in... for me it's downright difficult.  I write this cause I'm reminding myself.  I equate eating right and exercising as the keys to weight lost.  And they are... but that's a side effect.  Our focus should be living healthy.  My focus should be living healthy

So today I'm going to focus on just one thing "being nice to myself."  If I plan for workouts, meal plans, or any "boot-camp" efforts I may set unrealistic goals that will cause frustration.  

I'm just going to be nice.  Quit beating myself up for the past few days (which in reality, weren't that bad!). Quit beating myself up for not exercising regularly (I just did 7.5 miles 4 days ago).  

And if after I'm being nice to myself, I feel like going for a run, then I will.  If after being nice to myself I feel like having a salad, I will.  

I'll be nice to me.  Cause I deserve nothing less. 

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