Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Irish Blessing: A Guest Post by FatGirlvsWorld

For each petal on the shamrock.
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

As a good Irish girl (cailĂ­n), I couldn’t write a March guest post for the lovely DubyaWife without including an Irish blessing (we’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s day, right?). Though I wish the above blessings to all who read this, it makes me wonder about the interplay between health, luck, and happiness.  Unlike a 4-leaf clover, health, luck, and happiness are not things we stumble upon in a verdant meadow.

Truth be told, I used to think that if I wished hard enough that happiness and health (okay, a thin body) would find me.  I would be one of the lucky ones whose body would bloom thanks to an adolescent hormonal cocktail.  So as a teenager, I waited, cried a bunch, ate some Oreos, and waited some more (while eating more Oreos). 

In my 20s, I gave up the idea of a spontaneous metamorphosis.  I felt I was cursed with bad luck, bad genes, bad circumstance and a shameful inability to rise above it all.  With shame and punishment as my guide, I did some pretty horrifying and disrespectful things to my body (least of which was the ritual of scrutinizing my body for each and every of its shortcomings).  In the end, shame and punishment worked as well as wishing and waiting.  I was once again at square one. 

After my umpteenth return to square one, I threw up my hands and had a tantrum blaming almost everything in the universe for my bad health, bad luck, and unhappiness.  When I was done pouting, I picked myself up and started on the path I’m on now– the path of “well, what can I do?”  My first step was to surrender to the epiphany that my body (and mind) deserved care and respect. 

“Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck.  Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have.”  ~ Ed Bradley

I said above that “[u]nlike a 4-leaf clover, health, luck, and happiness are not things we stumble upon in a verdant meadow.”  And while there’s a huge difference between the tangible (shamrock) and intangible (health, luck, and happiness), I did find something else in the “meadow”––community.  Some people were a few steps ahead of me (running marathons), some were behind me (pondering a C25k), but they were all looking for the same thing––like-minded people willing to remind them, in the moments when they have forgotten, that this journey is about (above all else) love.  This community would encourage me to uncover the love I had for myself through hard work, sweat, and triumphant tears.  They are my shamrocks.

I understand the Irish blessing a little better now: 

If we are not alone, we feel blessed.
If we feel blessed, we feel lucky.
If we feel lucky, we share the blessings. 

DubyaWife's Take:  When I first "met" FGvW, I was twitter inspired.  She started the #gothedist (Go The Distance) challenges and I was hooked on them, and her message.  At Fitbloggin '11 I was further entranced by her wonderful spirit and motivation.  What you see on FGvW is what you get in person: a true, raw, you-can-do-it attitude.  FGvW's "green" post reminds us that health, luck, and happiness aren't just something we wish during Spring and leave as a "hope" but it's something we can work on and make happen.  Sure, luck can be coincidental... but we have to help it along.  FGvW encourages us to make luck happen and while we're on that journey of health, luck, and happiness, find some other "shamrocks" who are willing to help us along the way.  Thanks, FGvW, you're one of my shamrocks.  

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