Friday, March 2, 2012

Running Unprepared & Change

Two months ago I was obsessed with running my first half-marathon...

Today, I'm running 8 miles this weekend and totally unprepared for it.

I'm participating in the Rock and Roll Marathon in New Orleans.  An event that I've been told is fun and worth every penny, purely for the atmosphere.

So in my haste to get out there and run again I talked a friend into asked a friend to run the relay with me.  Figuring it was less mileage and would be fun to share the experience with someone.

Now it's two days before and I feel... apathetic.

It's an interesting point to be in my running career hobby.  Thus far I've been serious about training and advise others about being serious too.  But lately... I've felt like my focus and determination to exceed standards dwindled.  But not in a bad way.

Have I become comfortable with myself?
Have I lowered my expectations?
Do I trust my body more now, then I did?

Yes to all.

This feeling towards my running that I'm having right now is a metaphor to how I currently view my entire life in fact...

I've been in the 180s for the past year (officially)... and I haven't freaked out about it.  Sure I get frustrated here or there, but really I'm comfortable... do I want to lose more? sure!  But life has become...


And at the risk of tipping the "scales" (pun intended) to bring about stress and discomfort with my own self...  I'll happily take the pleasantness if that means I stay a 180s gal who is healthy and happy.

But I digest...

Sunday will be interesting.  I haven't packed up my bag... driven the race route... or even really read in detail the information of this event as I did for The Louisiana Marathon.  I'm simply going.

How wonderful it is to be nonchalant (sometimes) about something that only two months ago I would have freaked out about.  It shows the diversity of my personality.  The ability to adapt.  To accept change.  Cause really people, that's what it's all about.  The ability to accept change.

I'm a change advocate.  A growth guru.  A inspirational change manager.  Or at least I like to think so...

So as I brave this Sunday's run with nothing but my emotions and mind over my physical self, I will think of a meaningful quote (yes, from a movie, but still poignant nonetheless)...

"Get busy living, or get busy dying."

So true, Red.  Ya damn right.

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