Friday, April 6, 2012

Mountains out of Molehills

This entire week it's been looming over me my lack of focus and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.  Oh yes, even the great DubyaWife in all her wisdom can be caught at fast food places and exchanging time as a couch potato than the gym.

It can get bad when this happens, not because I may gain weight, or because I "lose" some muscle mass...
No, it gets bad because...

I beat myself up.

I make everything into a big deal in my head.  Mountains out of molehills, if you will.

I start "chewing on it" and replay events in my head over and over again.  Wondering what I should have done, what I should do... things that I'm not doing.  That's the big one.  The things that I'm not doing that I should be doing.  

And then the thoughts compound more and more, and I start feeling depressed.

But then it's all in my head.  I've compounded it.  I've created it.  I've made it more than what it is.

In reality, my sadness and tiredness is more than likely due to chemical imbalance of not eating well and lack of energy cause my metabolism is slowing down.  The best thing for me is to jump on the elliptical and have a good day of nutrition and I'll bounce back.  But then, why is it so hard?

Reality is, one week (or even nearing two) is a drop in the bucket compared to my future lifespan.  If I live to be 80 years old this two weeks is 0.08% of my lifetime.  I don't consider that nearly enough to have negative thoughts about it. This is a molehill.

On another note, I'm running the Crescent City Classic 10K tomorrow with all my family.  It's a momentous event and I'm surprised they all actually are doing it. I can't wait to have a good time with family in a healthy way.  Certainly something that would not have happened years ago, and now it's coming to fruition.  This is a mountain.

At least I'm recognizing the difference and able to reflect upon them, which is not something I could say years ago.  I would suffer in silence and my body ended up paying for it.

In admitting my issues, I'm making my feelings aware, noting that a change needs to occur and making the effort to change.  Life is forward motion, and I will keep moving forward. Onward.

Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool

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