Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting back on track...

This post will be short and sweet and perhaps a bit all over the place, but as with every post - the truth.

I've gained.  I'm up to 195 lbs now and it is getting pretty ridiculous.  I've got 35-40lbs left to my final goal, and there's really no excuse to not be working towards it.

Many of my excuses have been moving into a new house soon, a new job, general stress and craziness... and when it comes down to it, while they're legitimate.  They're excuses.

I used to say "no" to eating out.
I used to say "no" to social gatherings cause of temptation.
I used to say "yes" to working out no matter how tired I was.

I need to recapture my backbone, my motivation, and my self-control.

It starts today.

So here's a few "goals" (not promises):
 - a post once a week to help keep me thinking about my goals
 - tracking weight daily
 - tracking measurements weekly
 - tracking calories daily
 - exercising once a day (max of five days a week)

That's it. Simple. Easy.  And here's the kicker.... I've done it before.

So here's to a renewal of motivation, here's to making today count.

Here's to getting back on track.

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  1. You can do it!!! Your goals are right there for the grabbing!