Monday, June 11, 2012

Calling it Quits Is NOT An Option (Guest post by I'm chillin' in the backyard, chewing on some grub, when this freeloader ant tries to swipe a meal of crumbs.

I did the rude thing. I squashed him with my thumb (and don't you dare report me to PETA), but the dang thing didn't die. It writhed around in a ball for a sec, but then uncurled itself and kept walking along like nothing ever happened.


It's as if the ant decided today was NOT the day to succomb, no matter how squashed he felt.

You ever felt squashed?

That squashed feeling sucks. Squashed is tired, overworked and stressed the hell out. Squashed is being pulled in 15 different directions with 20 things on your to-do list and not even 30 minutes to yourself. Squashed is feeling like maybe you should call it quits -- the goal is just too far off; you won't be making it to your finish line after all.

"Dear gawd! Somebody un-squash me!"  That's not what the ant said.

Sure, the thing had a total freak out while writhing, but he pulled himself together. I watched him fight to return to normalcy in his quest for crumbs. None of his ant friends were around to help. If he was gonna make it, he had to garner strength from within. ((insert epic music of victory here))

...okay, so maybe I've over-dramatized this true ant story a wee bit, but I trust you get what I'm saying?

Whatever you're feeling.
Whatever your level of squashed-ness.
No matter if someone is there to un-curl you or not... YOU dig deep and find the strength to carry on.

Calling it quits is not an option.

Don't you dare just lay there and allow yourself to be squashed.

DubyWife's Take:
I can't read YumYucky's post with out choking up... and cracking up laughing at the same time. It hits home for me and the place I'm at right now in my health journey.  YumYucky has a wonderful way of expressing a common emotional issue we all face in our lives - being overwhelmed.  It's easy to allow ourselves to get down a path of depression, helplessness, and frustration... then we tend to do those things that give us comfort (watching too my TV, eating comforting foods, etc.) But then that creates guilt... Learn from her above post that we won't be squashed, we will fight tooth and nail for our health.  Find your strength, cause quitting is NOT an option.  

I had the opportunity to meet the amazingly popular YumYucky at Fitbloggin '11 and was honored to be able to meet someone so down to earth and funny.  You can find her awesome blog at or she's on the twitters  @YumYucky.  Check her out, she's frickin hilarious. 

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