Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#iWin, Just Like Tara

Today I came across a great post from Tidbits of Tara (via her mate @RedStar5).  You can see the whole post here.  One of my all time favorite blogs to read.  

She was accused by a reader that her tweets were sounding "smug" and Tara wanted to set the record straight...

Tara writes: 
I never intended this to come off as smug or a “better than thou”, but rather a reminder of who I used to be and who I am typing this blog post today.
I can relate for being misunderstood via tweets, blog posts, etc.  When we put ourselves out there we can be perceived as being these gurus who look down at anyone not doing what we do.  And that's really not how it is.  We question ourselves just like anyone else. 

She goes on further to say:  
But let me be very clear: I do win.
If it comes off as smug then it’s okay with me.
Today and everyday I deserve to say “I win”. 
Tara reflects that where she was and where she is now is a huge world of difference - emotionally, physically, mentally.  And now she has the self-confidence enough to say to the world, "Hey, I'm awesome."  

Tara says:  
Everyday I wake up and there are two paths to take. One that will take me forward. One that will take me backwards. I know both paths very well. I’ve been on them. ... Everyday is a constant battle both on my emotional stability and my physical strength. All I think about is how to keep myself on the “move forward” path because it wouldn’t take much to be on the other side.

Why do we stifle our own accomplishments? cause we fear others reactions or want to "sugar coat" things.  For me, it's a common issue I've had in the past.  Mainly because I felt I didn't have anything to celebrate but mostly because I didn't feel like I had the self-worth.  

Do you hear me?
She’s wrong.
I AM a winner.
She IS a winner.

After years of living healthy and over 50 pounds lost, sore muscles, sweat and tears...  I'm on the winning side.  I'm confident enough to celebrate my awesomeness.  

In other words...


Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool

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