Monday, August 20, 2012

"Stars Are NOT Like Us" Guest Post by Brooklyn Fit Chick

Brooklyn Fit Chick
Hello there! I am so pleased to be asked to guest blog for DubyaWife. My name is Margo and the name of my Blog is “Brooklyn Fit Chick” I write about health, fitness, and the media plus offer my ideas for workout playlists. My interest in health has been life long and I am a busy fitness instructor based in my most-beloved Brooklyn.

One of the features on my Blog is “What Did We Learn This Month?” wherein I review the latest fitness and health magazines (which I know might sound silly but hopefully you will find the fun in that!) My love for magazines is beyond normal and I worked several years in publishing for some of the top names in the business. Along the way I learned a couple of secrets about those “perfect” images on the glossy pages and let me tell you—all is NOT it appears.

Let me explain… Stars aren’t better-looking than us—they just “film” better.

I have personally seen drop-dead gorgeous people appear completely boring and lifeless on camera as well as decent-enough looking folks transform into studs and goddesses right before my eyes.

What makes the difference? Charisma.

Stars have a certain sparkle they can shine when they know the camera (or any audience) is present and innately know how to get us to look at them. It’s nothing to envy really. (Honestly, how boring do you think it would be to have people staring at you all day and wanting to engage in conversation? Blech!)

So the next time you see that stunning creature on the cover and start thinking to yourself “Oh, why can’t I be that good-looking?” Instead say, “Wow, he/she photographs really well” and be done with it. Because honestly, that’s really all it is.

An example of photoshopped pics...
The clothes modeled in the magazines are held together with (among other things) staples, paper clips, glue and tape. How many times have you looked at a celebrity wearing a stunning outfit in Allure or In Style and thought to yourself “I wish I could look like that”? Well, what you do not see is the dress being basically “MacGyvered” together with clips, pins, duct tape and just about anything else that will help the garment stay close to the body without unseemly wrinkles. There is a reason cover stars are always looking straight into the camera and never over their shoulders—because the back of their outfit usually looks like a big old hot mess and who wants to pay good money to see that?

 In other words, stop berating yourself if your clothes wrinkle or poof out when you wear them like a normal person. You are not doing it incorrectly—the magazine staff worked manically to make the garment look perfect.

Anyhoo, I have enjoyed “meeting” all of you today and look forward to you visiting my Blog and following me on Twitter @BrooklynFitChik (note the spelling.)

I will be seeing you at the magazine aisle soon!

DubyaWife's Take:  Brooklyn Fit Chick has sage words of advice.  Too often we're wrapped up in what is "perceived" beauty and then forget a fundamental lesson - we're all beautiful, just the way we are.  Weight loss is not about being beautiful.  It's about health.  I've read BFC's blog for a long time and had the opportunity to meet her at Fitbloggin '11 and what you see is what you get.  A tough, caring, and smart fitness blogger who tells it like it is.  Make sure you check our her blog and follow her via twitter.  Worth it. Thannks, BFC!

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  1. This is sooo true and a much-needed reminder for me. Two years ago I was picked to do this photoshoot thing for Family Circle magazine. In the final pic that was published, they had Photoshopped one of my teeth straight. LOL!