Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is my Fitbloggin Recap

Since Sunday I've been thinking...
Thinking about what Fitbloggin 2012 meant to me.
Thinking about what I said, what I did, people I met, what they said, sessions I attended, workouts...
Just thinking about the entirety of the event and trying to condense it down to one...
blog post... 

When that couldn't happen, I started reading. Reading tweets, and other blog posts.
Everyone else's recaps. What are they writing, what are they saying. I need have to write a post.
It must be gripping...
all encompassing...
the best...

And I've come to the conclusion that is the competitive, perfectionist of me that wants to one-up everyone, stand out in the crowd and all around be awesome at everything.  And I've decided to give that up try to work on that... but that's for another blog post. 

This is my Fitbloggin Recap: 

It's about hugs.  Hugs.

They really are the most wonderful thing on the planet.  

I don't think I've ever received a bad hug.  
I mean there's been ones that are warm, inviting, and snuggled.  And those that seem distant and open.  
But regardless they're always better than... well... better than, not hugs.  

At Fitbloggin we give lots of hugs.  

There's lots of different types of hugs.  Front hugs. Back hugs. Side hugs. Quick hugs.  Long hugs that seem to linger.  Hugs with pats on the back.  Hugs with laughter.  Hugs with tears.  

And at Fitbloggin I experienced all hugs.  

And every single one was wonderful, and every single one was meaningful.  
And every single one I needed

I love to hug, I love to receive them.  
I love that moment where two people put aside the world, put aside their lives, forget about everything, embrace each other...

...and for a split second.  You're hugging the real person.  Barriers are broken.  Shields are down.  Shells are cracked.  

For a tiny moment... 
...there's vulnerability   
In one hug.  
One small moment. 
A fleeting moment. 

It's impossible to describe the bond that occurs at Fitbloggin.  That's why I can't write a good complete recap of it.  The education.  The support.  Suffice it to say that it all means nothing, nothing at all - compared to the hugs.  

So all due respect to Roni (Fitbloggin creator) but, in my opinion your conference isn't about branding, fitness, weight loss, or blogging... it's really all about the hugs.  That's why we go. 

Seems silly that I registered, took vacation from work, flew up to Baltimore for 4 days of hugs, just to hug people. But I'm completely serious when I say I would do it again.  Without a second thought. 

In a world that grows increasingly more complex, more distant, and embraces technology that both creates closeness with globalization yet physical distance... we need more hugs.  

These people.  Twitter followers.  Blog readers.  Runners, weight lossers, foodies.  
They are flesh and blood, people.  They need hugs.  
We all need hugs.  

So do me a big favor... reach both of your arms out towards your computer screen right now, cross your arms over one another, wrap them around yourself and squeeze tight. Stay there for moment. 


That feeling right now. 
Hold on to it. 

Hug yourself and remember how wonderful it feels to let down that barrier and just be you.  


my friends,

is Fitbloggin. 

And that is my Fitbloggin Recap. 


  1. I am hugging you through my computer right now!

    You captured it perfectly!

    1. I LOVE HUGS!!! And I am so glad I got to hug all up on ya!!


    2.'s about the connections, the "me too's" and the hugs that result. I don't go for any other reason. Glad I got to hug you several times! :-)

  2. I just hugged myself, and it felt really good. Yay for hugs! And now I need to virtual hug you. Woop woop!

  3. You squeezed the words out of me.

    1. Yeah i have a tendency to do that, thanks for reading!

  4. AMEN
    Ill be in portand hugging :-)

  5. Ohmahgosh yes. Can't wait to hug you again.

  6. So true, SO TRUE! You give good hug, by the way :)

  7. Same! Wish we would have had more time to talk, but I'll be in Portland ready to give hugs. :D

  8. I'd just like you to know that I actually did hug my screen.

    1. Thank you for following directions. ;-) And for reading!

  9. Perfect! I agree 150%! Love this so much. Hugs make me happy, happy, happy! Reaching out and giving you a kick ass, 2-armed, Cajun hug! :)

  10. Giving you a virtual hug right now...

  11. Awesome self hug - send you a virtual hug as well. MWAH!

  12. This is the MOST AWESOME recap I've read! I LOVE IT!

    I'm so glad I got a chance to see you again and I treasure both hugs you gave me! xoxo

  13. Great recap- it wasn't about all the details or sessions or swag, it was about the spirit of love, support, and encouragement. Great to meet you- sending virtual hugs your way!

  14. Hi Christine,

    I love reading your recap on FitBloggin'. I wasn't there unfortunately. Ilove your blog. I would very much like to interview you as a "Health Hero" for My Re-Body (, which posts articles on healthy living. The founder of FitBloggin' and many of the speakers have been featured on our site.

    We also interview "Health Heroes" that have changed their lives in a healthy way. If you would like any other information regarding the blog, please let me know.

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    If you are interested, you could contact me at I could send you the questions by email. We would also appreciate a couple of photos, one before and a few after. I will also link to your blog and any other information.

    Best regards,

    Pam Stewart

  15. Back hugs? I never got a back hug! Now I feel slighted.