Friday, December 7, 2012

Be Happy!

Those that know me and know me well, know that I'm not very confident person.  It's actually probably my biggest strength and my biggest weakness.  While I exude passion, confidence, and general happiness - inside I'm unsure, self-deprecating, and sometimes, yes, sad. Lately, I've been asking myself if those feelings derive from a chemical imbalance... stress from the job... or something that's "wrong" with me.

After last week and this week, of really trying my best to just "be happy" I've found something out. And listen closely cause this is the greatest lesson you'll ever learn in life...

Be Happy.

I know, I know.  Cliche right?  But if you take this very very simple concept and apply it to all areas of your life, I promise you'll see results.

(Insert DubyaWife Infomercial Theme Music)

Get rid of household problems simply with DubyaWife's new, patented, innovative "Be Happy!" formula.  

Away with the grumpies!  So long self-doubt!  Try out DubyaWife's "Be Happy!" today.  Just listen to one of our clients...

"About 6 months ago I was sad, withdrawn, gaining weight, in an unhappy job, and it was affecting my life... and by taking DubyaWife's "Be Happy!" even though I'm in the same job, not losing any weight and still have bad days - I'm happier!"

But how do I buy this "Be Happy!" you ask?  It's simple!  You don't!  It's free!

Ok ok, maybe I exaggerate.

Point is... there's many many things I can look at in my life that can drag me down that negativity slope.  In fact, missing one workout can sometimes send me down a spiral of guilt.  One bad day can sometimes make me project that experience unto my whole life - creating a negative perception of everything.  I've kinda always been this way.

When reality is - I'm happy.  Life is good.  I just need to Be Happy.

So from hence forth... I've decided to just be happy.  Whenever, wherever  whatever comes.

Be Happy.

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  1. Oh yes, so true. It's hard though isn't it... to fake happiness when you don't feel it. I mean, it's easy to do with others (outwardly) but I'm the sort of person that it gnaws on my brain and I know it isn't true. But, they say that faking it can help you believe it so it's definitely worth continuing to do.

    At the moment I'm trying to change my mindset from playing 'the victim' to being more grateful and appreciate what I do have. Again I suspect I'll have to fake it til I make it!!!

    Thanks for the reminder!