Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My #Paleo Post: The February Challenge

I'm not one for diets.

In the early 2000s I tried SugarBusters.  I've gone "low fat".  I've gone "low cal".  

All of them seemed to do some type of good in the beginning but were never sustainable.  They never amounted to anything but just a short term solution to a long term problem.  

As of late I've hit a plateau... a year long plateau.  No matter how much exercise, how many calories I count, I can't seem to find balance.  

Over the course of a few weeks I read a bit on "whole" eating (marketed as "Paleo" or "The Caveman Diet").  It seemed whereever I turned I would read an article about it, someone would mention it, or something peeked my interest about the whole idea. 

Essentially our bodies store carbohydrates, sugars, etc. as fat.  We're designed to store fat. As we over feed ourselves these high-glycemic carbohydrates and sugars our bodies just burn the "quick energy" and leave the excess on my ass to collect for that later time like the Ice Age when it needs to use it again.  But since that ain't happening any time soon we're left flabby, diabetic, with heart disease and obese.  So sad. 

We're not caveman anymore and food is abundant.  The trouble with this is in a modern society that has a complicated agriculture structure, it's almost impossible to eat anything without added carbohydrates, sugars, additives, chemicals, etc.  

In other words - How does one eat clean?  Pure unprocessed foods.  And eat in a way that doesn't have an overabundance of "quick energy" foods, but by foods that are healthy, sustainable, and in the simplest form - whole.  

Now I've never been one for restrictive diets.  I like cake. 
But intrigued by the idea of eating clean... by the idea of "quick energy" being my issue.  I figured, I'll give it a shot.  

A week ago I weighed in at 203.2 lbs.  It's tough for me to post that.
I spent the past week focusing on eating the "paleo" way.  

It was very simple:
  • No Grains. 
  • No Flour. 
  • No heavy carbs vegetables (potatoes, corn). 
  • No sugar. 
  • No dairy. 
  • Plenty of meats (preferably lean). 
  • Eggs
  • Plenty of vegetables. 
  • Nuts and oils (from nuts). 
  • Fruits (but not over indulgent). 

So I went through the whole week cooking, planning, bringing my lunch to work, being careful at any restaurants... 

And after 7 days, I weighed in this morning at 199.
That's 4.2 lbs lost. 

That's results, people. 
Now it may be "water weight" - lack of carbohydrates can do that.  But regardless, the proof's in the pudding.  

But beyond the scale here's some other things I found out:
1.  I feel so much better.  I'm not tired after eating.  I don't have any stomach cramps or digestive issues.  
2.  I'm enjoying eating and shopping for produce. A lot! It's neat to try out new recipes, eat all these vegetables in different combinations, and to just be creative.    
3.  I don't crave things like I used to.  When I would have a stressful day and got into a "binge mode" I would drive out of my way to get whatever it was. Nothing would stop me.  And making those poor choices just left me feeling helpless, guilty, and depressed - which lead to more eating.  

So, it's the end of January... New Year's Resolutions every where are being tossed aside, but not for this lady.  I'm up for a challenge, time to switch gears and try something else out that can possibly lead to success.  

February is my birthday month and I can't think of a better way to spend it then to challenge myself.  

30 DaysNot counting my birthday - I mean come on!

Essentially that's 30 days of "whole food", "paleo", "primal" or however you want to label it.  
I'll weigh in and measure on February 1st and the same on March 2nd.  
And then we'll go from there.  

The best part about all this, is that my family (Dubya and DubyaKid) are behind me 100% on this but not giving up bread.  So for the most part there will be some healthy "whole 30" for the Dubya household

I'll be posting weekly on my progress as well as tweeting.  Pictures of my meals will go on Instagram as well as the blog. 

I know there will be days I'm hungry and stressed.  
I know there will be days I don't want to food prep or cook.  
And I know there will be days where I don't see results.  

But I also know that I have a great support group around.  
I have the strength and willpower to do this. 
And I'm fucking awesome.  So here's to a February challenge.  #GoDW

If you are interested in joining with me on this challenge, post below and let me know!
Tweet to #GoDW and encourage me!

Here's some great resources:  
Still Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May Be Outdated

Join with me! Let's do this together!


  1. Thanks for the mentions. You can do this. Think of it more like, I'm going to eat delicious omelettes and avocados and salmon and steak and roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts with bacon! Stuff like that. Oh, and butter. Mmm butter.

    1. Thanks Katherine! You really are my inspiration for it all. I'm looking forward to your motivation and tips! :)

      Butter? Cream? I thought there was no dairy?

    2. Your homework is to get and read copies of The Primal Blueprint and Practical Paleo. :)

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  3. I would like to join in! I've been looking into this too, just needed a nudge to jump into it, and I think this is it. My birthday month is March, so I want to go into it looking and feeling better.

    1. AWESOME! I'm excited you're joining! Tweet to #GoDW and keep reading the blog posts for good tips and such!

  4. I'm not sure what's going on with my comments - I want to wish you luck with this and I can't wait to see how well you do. I'm also stuck and need a serious overhaul, but my family is NOT on board with changing our diet. My son is so picky and my daughter is a carb queen - but neither of them have weigh issues. At least not yet.

    Hope this month is awesome for you!

    1. Thanks, Bari! Cheer me on at #GoDW and keep reading for updates! Hopefully one day you'll be able to give it a shot. Here's to new challenges!

  5. I can definitely help cheer you on! I am on Day 20 now and I can absolutely feel a difference (I also lost 11 pounds so far). There are days I really crave the old stuff, but mostly I really enjoy eating this way. I can tell you the way to keep the cravings at bay is to always be prepared. For me the cravings hit when I am needing food now and I have to prepare something. It's not convenient, but the food is sooo much better! I am planning on sticking it out longer than my 30 days, so I will be in this with you! You're gonna love it :)

    1. Yay! Thanks Emily! Blog posts, tweets, pics, and more to come as I go. Don't forget Cheer me on at #GoDW! :D

  6. Yay! Well done! Great efforts over the past week and I'm sure you'll continue to do a fabulous job!

  7. Congratulations! I'm glad to read your post. I'm reading "The Paleo Solution" and considering the Paleo lifestyle. I started to research it last summer, bought a few cookbooks, made a few Paleo meals and definitely felt so much better. Now I'm making more of a commitment to it. I will start my whole 30 in the month of March.

  8. I may be doing it again in March depending how it goes. If that happens we can coach each other on! Thanks!