Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Celebrate! - Guest post by Meegan

DW and I are both February babies. We both celebrate our birthdays early in the month and if what I read is true in DW’s words we both find our birthdays are an opportunity to reflect on who we are, where the last year of our lives has taken us and look forward to what the year to come will hold.

To me birthdays are ALWAYS a reason to celebrate. A built in anniversary that’s by design an excuse to throw up your hands and say GO ME! I've never understood those who are a little sad about getting older or those who want to hide their birthday from the world like it doesn't happen. To me turning another year older means you've learned so much more. You've settled that much more into who you are, you've uncovered that much more about what makes you tick, what makes you happy and where you want to find yourself.

But here’s the thing. (My wise friend and life coach Mara reminds me of this regularly.) Those celebrations don’t have to be reserved for birthdays alone. In fact, life gets a whole lot more interesting when you start to shift how you think about the word CELEBRATE.

There are lots of days when this brain of mine feels low and it echoes those awful words like, “not worthy”, “not pretty” “too fat” “too slow”. There are moments of that cycle of thinking that can pull me down under and it’s contagious. But just like those wicked thoughts can catch fire in your mind and make you feel small, you can flip that nasty around by celebrating a little bit at a time all of the reasons you’re awesome and you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot less low and a whole lot more full of joy and fun and all of emotions that feel really good to wrap yourself up in.

Since my birthday on February 4th I've been trying to find little ways to appreciate those joyful moments. My birthday was an easy way to kick start finding reasons to say “GO ME”. Turns out a little bit of self love and a little bit of, “Hey, this moment is seriously awesome!” and, “’s mostly because I’m pausing long enough to notice it”, goes a long way to making you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

(clockwise from top left)
Celebrating my 34th year,
creating a special necklace just for me,
finding joy in an Americano treat,
enjoying the moment and a fresh apple with the one I love.
So as a birthday gift from me to you, no matter what time of year the anniversary of the day of your birth falls on – do us both a favor and find something in your day right now to celebrate.

·         If you’re having a tough day just stop and put your hands over your heart and tell yourself in a quiet voice “We’re okay.” (and feel the "okay" wash over you.)
·         Get your groove on in your car or wherever you may be when you hear your favorite song.
·         Go find an incredible new tea to drink and when you enjoy it remember “I got this tea special, just for me and it tastes GOOD!”.
·         Go get your sweat on at the gym, in a Zumba class, doing some yoga in your living room and tell yourself “Self, moving feels fantastic!”

Keep finding those little moments of joy and appreciating them as celebrations of you and watch...the magic can happen. 

DubyaWife's Take: Meegan Rocks!  She truly has a heart of gold and a smile to match it.  Her amazing weight loss journey combined with her true love-story with her wonderful spouse (@tidbits_of_tara)make her a delight and honor to know.  A jewelry maker, weight losser, and all around awesome person - Meegan helps others by telling her story and encouraging us all to practice self-love.  You can find her at her blog or on twitter @redstar5 and her amazing one-of-a-kind crafts at  

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