Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 11 (The #Paleo Challenge) #GoDW

So this was my birthday weekend and I allowed myself one free day on Saturday.  While I didn't worry about what I ate, surprisingly I didn't go "hog wild" on anything, and just really enjoyed myself.

Of course, the festivities did take it's toll on the scale on the 9th I weighed in at 196 lbs and this morning it was 200lbs.  But I'm not worried or fixated on it, as I know that it's sodium, water, etc. etc. And it will fall off eventually.

I'm happy to report that Sunday I bounced right back from the evening's debauchery   I ate well, didn't give in to potato chips, chocolate, etc that were all lying around the house the next day.

In fact my many wonderful friends gave me fitness related gifts (You all are the best!) so I spent most of Sunday putting them together, reading, etc. (Wrist weights, a Yoga ball chair, dehydrator, paleo cookbook, and more!)

Thank you to everyone for their love, support, and friendship.  My journey isn't something I do alone, but with the knowledge that you are with me cheering me on every step of the way.

So I'm back this week in my normal routine but with some news toys, new ideas, and a year wiser.

Frozen Bananas with cocoa powder topped with pecans

Steak with paleo ranch, french fried carrots, and cabbage

Paleo Mayo and Ranch Dressing!

So many great ideas! Thanks Sarah!

This is seriously my new motto! Thanks Coolmans!

My favorite catch of the parade!

Enjoying a piece of King Cake, it was like heaven!

One of my presents! Thanks Vicknairs!

Present from Dubya! I've never been so excited to have tupperware!

Flowers sent to my office from my loverboy!

My co-workers bought me cake. It was fudge almond and tasted like wedding cake, so delish!

Made a paleo friendly soup at Izzos restaurant!

Tree Pose

Attempting Chair Pose with silly teens. 

Attempting Extended Triangle with DubyaTeen

Sukasana with a giggly Teen

Happy Birthday!

Make sure you cheer me on by commenting below or tweeting with the hashtag #GoDW.   

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