Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 26 (The #Paleo Challenge) #GoDW

I left off last week with things going very well... I kept my routine really well to my nutrition and physical fitness.

This weekend however, was a whole 'nother story.... Dubya took me on a trip and it was special so I didn't fuss about Paleo and any nonsense.  Of course course it took it's toll upon returning.

Our trip was great, before we headed out Friday I was able to get a couple of miles in on the road.  I really love running.  There's always that first 5 minutes of not wanting to do it, then i get a stride, and then there's the internal struggle of wanting to push myself harder versus wanting to stop.  It's an ongoing battle each run. I love that.

That evening we arrived and ate at a wonderful German restaurant where I had a beer and sausage and kraut and yum... it was the most delicious beer ever.  Since I hadn't had one in over 2 months.

Saturday we attended a "Foraging for Wild Edibles" class and it was so much fun!  We learned to identify certain plants that grow around our own neighborhood that you can eat.  When to harvest, etc.  Very in enlightening and right up my ally with eating more whole foods. More to come on this topic.

That day we ate at Hobbit Cafe, had delicious ice cream and went to a hockey game.  I, of course, had to have some chili cheese fries, well cause, it just makes sense.  Later that evening we had some drinks.

Sunday and Monday I felt icky, tired, lethargic, had digestive issues, and felt hungry.  Dubya felt the same way... it's amazing how we're really feeling physically different in just the way we're eating.

But nonetheless I got right back on track with Paleo eating and today I'm feeling a bit better.

Yesterday I weighed in at 198.2 and today 196.4 so all that water weight gained from the weekend is slowly creeping down.  Hopefully I can hit 194 before Thursday with DietBet is due.  (I was seeing these weights on the scale last week before the trip).

On a separate note my knees are hurting a bit... I love running and am running in the Crescent City Classic 10K at the end of this month, so I've been sticking to 2-3 sessions per week.  But found my knees are a bit sore.  So this weekend may have been a good break to let them rest and I'll try em out tomorrow.

So in short, I'm back on track this week... hoping to finish out the Paleo 30 days strong and hit the DietBet goal before Thursday.  Tonight is a HIIT class and a grocery store run, so I can be prepared for the week.  I'm fairly certain I'll be continuing with Paleo into March, but final analysis of that is for another blog post ;-)

Here's to finishing strong!

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This was the most delicious ice cream I'd ever had. 

A salmon burger

The menu at Hobbit Cafe!

Our foraging instructor teaches us how to find wild edible plants!
DubyaBFF forages for berries!

omg, bread is delish

Authentic German cuisine

A Radler - lemonade and beer

Eating healthy snacks on the road

A post-run green protein smoothie

Blackberries and coconut/almond milk


Roasted curried chicken atop grilled zucchini with roasted brussel sprouts

a very tough HIIT workout

My gym - it's like home now

Juicing veggies - carrots, beets, and celery

Lettuce Turkey Wraps with avocado and homemade paleo ranch!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! And 80/20, dude. That's how it is sustainable for people in the modern world. :) I've also found that any time spent pretty severely off the wagon results in feeling like crap. It's amazing how quickly our bodies adjust to different intake. That's also one of the reasons I'm a firm believer in paleo/primal—I've realized how much better I feel when I eat real, whole foods.

  2. There's a German restaurant in Madison, WI that we go to whenever we visit there. Best food and beer ever. Sucks that it's a 6 hour drive.

    Getting back on track is commendable - good luck with your weigh-in on Thursday!

  3. Love the photo wrapup! That salmon burger looks AWESOME!


  4. I've found it very difficult to be 80/20 Paleo. One I have a slice of pizza it is over! Small slips lead to bigger, lead to bags of chips and beer. Then I feel like complete crap and go back to pretty much 100% paleo, and the difference I feel is amazing, especially at the workout.

    Keep it up!