Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do Overweight Children Have Bad Parents? Guest Post from Angela

My youngest son is the kind of kid you would want your child to be friends with. He is bright,
curious, and funny.

He has a healthy respect for authority, and is a rule follower. He is sensitive and
considerate. He is creative and has a healthy imagination. He likes board games, tennis, and reading. He excels in school, has a great group of friends, and wants to be a wildlife photographer when he grows

As you can tell, I’m pretty proud. He’s an awesome kid. And, by extension, I’m a good parent.

At 5’2”, he is one of the tallest fourth graders in his school, taller even than some teachers. That’s no
surprise since his dad, his siblings, and I are all above-average height. But my youngest son doesn’t have
the small bone structure and extreme metabolism that the rest of us had as kids. He is big boned and
husky. And, okay, he’s overweight. Which maybe is our fault.

We might be bad parents.

Believe me, I’ve given this a lot of thought. I have examined it from every angle and have completely
over-analyzed it. I’ve lost sleep over it. I have wondered what other people think. But I’ve also gained
some insights. Here is what I know about parents of overweight children:

Parents of overweight children love their kids dearly. They might have room to improve when it comes
to nutrition and exercise, but they read every article and book that they can find on the topic. They are
trying to make positive changes and healthy choices, and they encourage their children to do the same.

Parents of overweight children get their child checked out by his doctor to make sure he’s healthy. They
arrange personal training sessions. They take their kids to play tennis, even when they are tired or have
lots of other things to do. They plan active weekends and vacations. They might pay their child to walk
the dog, just to keep him motivated.

They worry about bullying. They pray for the best.

And, sometimes, they blog about their experiences so that they can connect with other loving parents
whose smart, cool, awesome kids just happen to be husky.

DubyaWife's Take: Angela Long is a mother, wife, marketing consultant, and blogger living in Baton Rouge, LA. I love her story because unlike many of us her own journey is a struggle of being the "skinny person" who is now dealing with weight issues for herself and her family.  As a mother I understand her own struggles with parenting an overweight child and the importance of teaching them to "be healthy" not "be skinny."  Check out her newly-launched blog and follow her on Twitter @angelal0ng .

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