Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Recap (The #Paleo Challenge) #GoDW

The moment you've been waiting for!  The #Paleo Challenge recap! For thirty days (starting February 1st) I ate lots of protein, lots of veggies and fruit.  No grains, beans, dairy, sugar and practically zero processed foods. First, let's run through the numbers.

Weight Loss
Weigh in on February 1, 2013:  198.8
Weigh in on March 2, 2013:  194.0
4.8 lbs lost!  Made my DietBet.com goal! 
Total loss since Jan 2013:  11 lbs
(Note: Dubya has lost 20 lbs on the "not-so-much-paleo" diet too!)

I did 15 workouts out of 30 days, which is pretty darn consistent.  And in some cases I didn't count things like "housework" or "yardwork" which happened on the weekends.  My workouts consisted of 2-3 mile runing sessions (about 1-2x per week) and 2 High-Intensity Interval Training sessions per week.  I also did my best to do a 1:00 #plankaday and yoga poses each day.

So this wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I actually struggled most of the time to meet my calories per day.  I missed some logins (mostly on weekends).  Some "free days" were allowed - living by the 80%/20% rule, so overall I was happy with the way I maintained the #paleo lifestyle.


  • New veggie cooking!  I took the opportunity to learn how to cook spaghetti squash, rutabagas, kale, etc.  I really went out there and learned recipes, tried new things.  Some worked, some didn't but I have a whole new arsenal of veggies to add to my repertoire. 
  • Bacon, meat, fish, protein protein protein!  It was nice to be able to cook steaks, eat bacon (in moderation), and generally enjoy good ol'fashioned meat. 
  • The energy.  My god, the energy.  A couple of minutes into each workout I would feel a jolt of energy.  I feel like my workouts are filled with more power.  Also, I found that instead of having ups and downs of blood sugar levels, my energy was more even-keel through out the day.  This really helped at the office. 
  • Better digestion.  And knowing what my body can digest and what it can't.  The first week or two my intestinal tract was thrown for a loop, but now it's an efficient machine.  
  • Happier.  I'm not sure if it's the diet, the exercise, or just feeling like I'm doing something better for myself.  But it's like I'm taking happy pills.  
  • Food preparation. It does take a bunch of forward thinking, prepping, and eating leftovers.  So if that's not your cup of tea, it'll be tough.  I got into a good rhythm prior to paleo of being my lunch everyday anyway, so this wasn't a hard transition. But stress days can be tough when you have no time for it. 
  • Female hormones.  My hormones went haywire during the month.  Perhaps it was paleo or the amount of weight loss, or both.  Suffice it to say that the last thing I need is to be moody and suffering with cramp days on the wrong days. 
  • Tough to rebound from a "off day." Especially for social events it's nearly impossible to avoid all the food.  So when I allowed the days where I had sugar, grains, etc.  The very next day I craved them. And craved them hard.  
  • Expensive.  Grass-fed beef costs a lot, y'all.  Coconut milk isn't cheap.  While veggies and fruit aren't that bad, it can get pricey.  depending on hardcore you want to go, the price goes up. 
  • People will think you're nuts. I can't count the number of raised eyebrows and "You mean , NO bread!?!" statements I received.  People really thought I was an extremist and scoffed at my "experimental" food.  I had one co-worker tell me what I was eating was "disgusting." So yeah, there's that. 
Overall I'm pleased with my ability to sustain this the whole month.  I won't stay I did it 100% of the time, but every effort was made to cook fresh, avoid processed foods and really commit to the paleo lifestyle.  Now for your next question?  Will I be continuing with the paleo lifestyle?  

You're damn right I will.  Did you read those results?  The proof is there.  Not only am I becoming a lean mean, paleo machine, but I'm feeling outstanding.  I enjoy eating whole foods. I enjoy the energy. And I'm slowly learning the science behind this way of eating makes sense. 

As with any lifestyle choice - this works for me so far.  So I'm gonna commit for another 30 days.  

To wrap up, thanks to everyone who supported me and gave me great advice during this month!  I appreciate everyone tweeting, commenting, and really being there as my support during the 30 days.  It takes a village.  

Big huge THANK YOU to my fellow Paleo Challenge ladies:  
These gals rocked it this month and take a moment to congratulate them too!  

So DubyaWife continues in the great health journey!  Keep reading as this month I go for a round-two and have some upcoming races!  


Bacon and Eggie baked in Avo

California Pizza Kitchen - Salmon with veggies!

Look at those loose jeans! 

Dinner at a friends house - they cooked paleo for me!
Tomato Salad, Asparagus, and Chicken Curry


La Madeline's - roasted chicken and veg for lunch

Paleo Shepherd's Pie with Broccoli and Green Lemonade

Eggs, Cauliflower, and Smoked Salmon with capers

Salmon, Spinach and Mashed rutagbag

Getting ready for HIIT class!



  1. Fantastic results! Because of going (mostly) paleo, I have discovered a love of roast vegetables. I'm not saying who, but someone ate 3/4 of a head of roast cauliflower last night.

    1. I adore cauliflower. :) Thanks!

  2. Great results, and a big +1 on the energy level. I definitely noticed the same thing, and love it. I also plan to continue this for a while since I got such great results and love the way I feel. Thanks for sharing this with me and giving me that push I needed to try something new!

    1. Wtg! You're doing great I can't wait to see YOUR results! Thanks!

  3. FANTASTIC results!!! Thanks for sharing!! I am on the paleo/primal bandwagon with you...started January with whole30 and I just love it!!! I allowed more offpaleo foods in February than I like to admit, so March is about getting back to the place I am happiest ....paleo/primal!! I feel god!
    I am SO GLAD you rocked this experiment and found something that works for you!!!
    Oh, and how was your sleep?!? I feel like I sleep so much better when I eat this way!!


    1. Sleep has been fantastic, but I'm unsure if that's exercise, paleo, or the new foam mattress we bought at Christmas. Maybe all three! Thanks for your support and help!

  4. Great job! Those jeans look like they're about to fall OFF!


  5. Congratulations! I'm on Day 16 of Whole30. :)

    1. Thanks! Good luck, can't wait to hear how you feel!

  6. Awesome job, girl! I've thought about a complete diet overhaul like this, but sadly, my family would NOT be onboard with it and cooking separate meals just isn't going to happen for me. I'm glad you guys had so much success.

    1. I hear ya! For mine, I cook what i cook and they eat what they eat. In some cases they'll want what I'm having and in some - well, there's always PB&J ;)

  7. Congratulations on your awesome job with Paleo! I so want to start and stuff just keeps coming up. I am getting myself on track this week!Have another great month!

    1. Thanks, Patty! Give it a try for a week just to see what adjustments you need to make before you commit to the full 30... that really helped me to know where i needed to plan.

      good luck!