Monday, April 29, 2013

Sometimes you have to regroup...

It's been about 3 weeks since my last post so I'm going to go chronologically through the events... I apologize ahead of the time for the length.  For those (like me) who scan through posts, I've bolded the important stuff and included pictures. Enjoy!

The New JobI've started a new job and now that I'm into week four of it I'm really starting to get into routine.  And routine is good.  My first few weeks however were filled with lunches with my boss, traveling to train, and eating out due to the travel.  Needless to say, it wasn't very good.  I tried my best to "survive" by sticking to whole eating and working out in hotel gym areas, but loneliness and temptation got the best of me.  I won't lie and say I was good 100% of the time or even 80% of the time, more like 50/50.  The good news is that this week has been the first week where I feel like I've had some routine.  I brought my lunch everyday, was able to go to my HIIT weight class one this week.  It felt good to be back into a rhythm.

The hotel gym
My new office
My hotel workout
Me at the hotel
What I spent too much doing in the hotel
The Conference
The first weekend in April I attended (and was involved in) a professional conference.  This meant dinners, schmoozing over drinks, and just having a relaxed good time.  In some cases running from session to session meant grabbing whatever snack was available - and usually not the healthiest. The good part of it all is that I knew going into it to relax and allow myself the freedom.  The bad part is always the recovery.
Part of the conference was going to The Bluffs (a golf course) and driving the cart for the guys playing.  I really wish I could have walked it, but that would have taken longer.  At least I got to enjoy the scenery.
That weekend I got a bit of exercise as I helped my youth with a car wash. It was some good physical effort to do it and at least during the day I felt like I was moving around.

The Bluffs
The Bluffs
Relaxing at The Bluffs
On the weekends, when I've had time and when it hasn't been raining, Dubya and I have been out int he yard gardening.  Planting pots, pulling weeds, and all around just being active.  It's not running or weight lifting, but it's better than sitting on the couch.
The Color Run
I'll save the details for a more formal recap (cause it deserves better than this) but The Color Run was absolutely fantastic.  I was able to run this two weekends ago and I'm still smiling from how much fun I had doing it.  I'm glad I registered for this one and didn't wimp out (cause I felt like I wasn't "training" for it).  The Color Run is all about being happy with who you are, enjoying the experience, and just having fun. I'll definitely run this one again.
Crazy with Color
The happiest 5K!
DubyaTeen's Birthday
Yep, that's right... she's no longer DubyaKid... it's official - she's DubyaTEEN.  This weekend was filled with fun and festivities as we treated her to dinners, birthday cake, and all around spoiled her rotten (she's our only one - so it's mandatory!) She and I spent the better part of Saturday shopping which included a lot of walking.  In looking back on it I don't feel as guilty now that I realized how much I walked. Interestingly enough DubyaTeen got chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, then had chocolate covered fruit in the afternoon and by the time for birthday cake came around heard her comment "Ugh, I can't have any more sugar..." (That's my girl!) So in all I think these little hiccups weren't that bad, just that they're happened to be many of them this month.
DubyaTeen's breakfast in bed
 Present Day - 195lbs
Had a good run on Sunday. It should be a regular week and I'm already planning two gym visits (for my HIIT class) and a couple of one-milers.  This coming weekend I don't have much going on so it'll be nice to have some calm.  The plan for the most part is to prepare gym bag for opportunities to go to the gym, and during lulls at home run or utilize the elliptical.  (Now that it's close to summer, evening runs are something I can really start doing since there's more daylight.)

I'm planning on joining Alan's DietBet for the month of May to help me keep on track.  If you're not familiar with DietBet it's a great program and I really like it.  This will be the 3rd time doing it and I'm hoping to really stick to the 4% weight loss. That'd put me in the 180s which would be AMAZING!

Started food prep for the week. I've been continuing to eat "whole" or "Paleo" or whatever you want to call it. Maybe I need to come up with some type of snazzy name for how I'm eating... hmm, Healthy? It's basically been eating two boiled eggs for breakfast with some black coffee (that's right I've learned to have it black!). Then a piece of fruit or veggie (sometimes almonds) for a snack mid-morning. Then leftovers for lunch (usually whatever I cooked the evening before). Mostly dinners are protein and veggie. Almonds, fruit, and/or veggie for snack. Sometimes I'll snack on PaleoKit if I have them - totally addicted to these! More on them in another post! And then home for dinner which is usually protein with veggies.

 In retrospect (even after reading this post)... I'm really proud of myself.  While I think I've allowed sugar and carbs to reenter my palate and thus make me have cravings - I'm not as shameful about it all.  These were occurrences that really couldn't be avoided.  And while my weight loss is important to me I won't allow that facet of my life to completely obliterate my ability to relax the rules when needed.  My weight loss is on my own terms.  When time, wherewithal, and my physical body allow me to eat healthy and exercise regularly, I'm going to take advantage of it.  I'm the judger of when that occurs.

So there it is folks, the fat and skinny of what DW has been up to.  Upcoming look for posts recapping the Crescent City Classic 10K and The Color Run 5k.  I'll also be running the Play Dirty Adventure 5K in May. And then a tiny little thing called Fitbloggin! in June!  (I wanted to hit 179 by June before Fitbloggin - think I can do it!?!


  1. Whew! I'm tired just reading all this :) Congrats on the new job and keeping yourself in check with all the changes. That's a huge accomplishment.

  2. Congrats on getting settled and the new job!


  3. Excited to see you at Fitbloggin! Good job on getting back into the swing of things. I totally know how it goes with traveling for work, its exhausting!