Thursday, May 30, 2013

Play Dirty Adventure Trail Run 5K 2013 - Recap (with pics!)

The Play Dirty Adventure Trail Run is a mud run.  Sounds dirty?  And it is... it's a 5K trail run that has obstacle courses that involved mud for pretty much all of them.  Think of the stuff marines have to go through in basic training and you pretty much got the idea.  

I love running this because it's just fun to get wet, muddy, and go through the obstacles.  Crawling through the mud and jumping into mud pits just makes me feel like a kid again and that's why I love it.  Of course, my running bud, Cajun_Tisha and I ran this together.  (This race is where we first met!)

This will have been my third year running this and it keeps getting better and better, I'm glad they switched to a spring run, instead of in the Fall (the water is too cold!)  However in past years the hay bales were one of my favorite breaks in between running.  Having to jump up from hay bale to hay bale I felt like I was in Super Mario World, but this year the hay bales were built way too high and you couldn't get by them without with the help of a partner to boost you up. So that needs to be redone. They also didn't have chip timing this year, hmmm.  But at least they fixed the registration from the first year I did it.  They always have music, food, and drinks afterwards, so it's just a nice relaxing atmosphere. 

Otherwise, a great local race that's fun for adults and they even have a 1 miler run for the kiddos.  A great way to spend a Saturday morning getting muddy and stinky!

And now for the pics....

Selfie Before

Tisha Selfie

Full Body pic Before (all clean!)

@Cajun_Tisha and Me

@Cajun_Tisha and Me Before 

Wading through a mud pit

Footing in the mud is tough!

Of course, a smiling pic

@Cajun_Tisha going through the mud

Selfie After

Full Body Selfie After

Running buds are the best!
A #yogaaday pose before going to shower!
Side note:  In reviewing my pics this year compared to 2011, I definitely was thinner back then... which is disconcerting.  But also the above pics reveal a lot more of my body then I usually would post on the internet. I don't run in baggy shirts or shorts, I prefer tight fit clothing that doesn't chafe or give me chub rub, and now as I look at these - of course I'm slightly embarrassed at some of the rolls... sigh. Looks like I have some work to do. 


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