Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Color Run 2013 Recap (with pics and video!)

When they say this race is "The Happiest 5K on the Planet" - they ain't lying.  I don't know if it's the color stations, the rock concert at the end, or that it's family friendly that gives this race it's magic (it's probably all of them!)

For those who haven't experienced The Color Run, it is a 5K that includes, you guessed it, getting dosed with colors.  As you're running there's color stations where people have containers of powder dye and they toss it in the air and on you.  SO just like a canvas in the beginning of the race you are white and by the end you are multi-colored. 

At the end of the race there's a large stage where they are tossing out even more dye packets and you basically dance and laugh in the crowd tossing even more dye on each other.  Occasionally they'll do a count down and everyone tosses it up at the same time which is spectacular to see.  It's like a rave but without the negative affects of drugs (ha!)

If you were to take out the "walking" through the dye stations I actually PR'd on this race and I have to say it was because I was distracted by the entire spectacle.  It's really a glorious sigh tto see all the dye in different colors floating in the air.  There's smiles everywhere and the entire atmosphere is relaxing and fun.  From children to adults, walkers to runners, it's just a great time.  I couldn't stop smiling - it's just pure joy. 

I will definitely be doing this race every time they come to town.  It's worth it for the smiles.  

And now the pics and video....
@Cajun_Tisha & me at the starting line

A photosphere in the middle of the starting crowd

Selfie Before

It took a while to get started...

And off we go!

Loved loved loved this!

Standing in the crowd getting painted!

Even more colors!

It's like a rock concert!

Colored from head to toe!

Noe it's just getting ridiculous. 

@Cajun_Tisha and Me After

@Cajun_Tisha & Me After

Best. Pic. Ever. 

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