Friday, June 21, 2013


It's one of those days... I can feel it setting in.  One of those days where I don't feel good enough, I'm ashamed of myself, and vulnerable.  We all have them I know and I know that the next day or the next I'll pop out of it, but why does it always seem that in the midst of these occurrences I feel lost. Hopeless.


Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm sitting in a corner right now crying or frowning to everyone who passes by.  On the outside (and even via social media) things look normal.  On the inside - I feel it.

I'm not my normal chipper self this Friday.

Perhaps it's the lack of exercise.  The fact that DubyaTeen is away and I miss her.  Perhaps it's just anxiety from upcoming Fitbloggin. Whatever the reasons, it really doesn't matter.

Emotions run hard sometimes.

And yet I'm glad I'm feeling this way, because my session at Fitbloggin is about Mental Health and an opportunity for others who have these same issues to really discuss it and explore the emotional issues we all have.  So perhaps this helps to remind me that while I'm co-presenting, I'm really just another gal dealing with self-esteem issues.

No happy ending to this blog post.  Just a reminder to myself (and you, dear reader) to be present.

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