Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What is Fitbloggin?

I hadn't realized that I never really have quite written a post about "What is Fitbloggin?"  So I figured as one of my pre-fitbloggin posts.

Fitbloggin 2011
What is Fitbloggin?  
Fitbloggin is in a nutshell a blogger conference that focuses on bloggers who write about health and fitness.  The range of bloggers goes from mommy-writers, foodies, fitness, weight lossers, etc. Half fitness and half blogging sessions, this conference is a great way to learn about increasing blog traffic and trying out new wellness ideas.

Where is Fitbloggin? 
Previously located in Baltimore, Maryland Fitbloggin has trekked across the US and is now going to be in Portland, Oregon.  Located in The Nines Hotel Fitbloggin will descend upon Portland and all its healthy goodness.

When is Fitbloggin?
June 27th - 30th, about two weeks away.  Still time enough to get a ticket and hop on a plane. Traditionally Thursday night is a social and get-together.  Friday is a fitness and blogging session filled event, Friday night usually consisting of a keynote speaker.  Saturday is again another day of great sessions and then a dressy social. Sunday starts off with a 5K that morning and ends with everyone eating some breakfast and hitting the road back to their homes refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why Fitbloggin? 
For me, Fitbloggin has always been - pure joy.  From day one of being there to every day in between I've had the amazing opportunity to make friends via my blog and then get to meet them face to face at the conference. The networking is amazing and you'll find some great bloggers who are willing to help.  The fitness programs are always innovative and high intensity.  All of the speakers are educated and passionate about their topics, some will have you laughing, others crying. Either way - you will get a workout and educated on blogging. And above all you'll make relationships that last a lifetime.

Check out the Fitbloggin webpage, get your last minute ticket and visit me up there!

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