Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fitbloggin 2013 Photo Dump

As I recover from Fitbloggin and all the gloriousness that it was, enjoy these photos from the event.  

Traditional Fitbloggin Banana Pic

Alan (Sweating It Off) and Me

Emily (Fit And Free Emily) on a Stick!

Me, Caroline (My Fascinating Life) and Mindy (Mindy's Fitness Journey)
Skinnie Emmie and Me

Alan (Sweating It Off) and Emily on a Stick!

The two Emilys!

Me and Monica (Run Bang Run)

Dre (Mission Meltdown), Emily on a Stick, Monica, and Dacia (Run Ride Repeat)

Our room at The Nines - this place was da bomb. 

Red Tavern burger - no bun #paleo

Emily enjoys some Portland cuisine

Emily has dreads! (Or that's Martinus of 300lbs and Running)

Is that Emily?  Or is that MRS FATASS???

Emily partakes of libation (Steve Gray)

Dre! You flirt!

Voodoo donuts... zomg

Yes, Mrs. Fatass is always like this. 

Emily on a tramp!

Roni and Emily say cheese!

Emily and Karen (KCLAnderson) smile pretty!

Heather (Yummy Sushi PJs) loved her shoes and wanted a pic!
She got more than she was bargaining for!

I give free hugs, yo

My roomie, my sistah, my friend

i adore these Reebok Nanos - perfect for Crossfit

EEEEKKKK love me some Sharla (262 journey begins with a blog)

Emily is such a flirt!
Some of my fellow presenters, Cynthia (It All Changes) and Julie (ROJ Running)

"Quick make a face, Mrs Fatass!"

Found a paleo food cart
handmade charms at Fitbloggin, i got the last two!

Another pic with Sharla <3 td="">

Cynthia (It All Changes), Mrs. Fatass, Me and Steve Gray

Eating some poutine for the first time (fries, gravy, and cheese curds)

My roomie gave me a bracelet
"She believed she could, so she did"
<3 td="">

Drinking SoCo with Heather (Yummy Sushi Pjs)

Brooke (Bab Not on a Diet) and me - she's so lovely

Dre, me and Cynthia

I tried my best bu can't get Roni to duck face

Matt (@GreatBigG) and Me - love the face

Me and Erin (Dig Deep Play Hard)

Me, Heather (Yummy Sushi PJs) and Melissa (@MelissaJoGlover)
Next year will be in either Nashville or Austin, either of which are easy travel for me - 
so I am definitely at Fitbloggin 2014!


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