Friday, August 23, 2013

Quick Friday Update

Quick Friday update for all you stalkers readers who care to know.

It's Day 23 of Whole 30 and I have one week left before I'm finished with Whole30.  Just one last week! But just to let you know, tiger blood is in full force and while I doubted this plan in the first two weeks, I've really made a turn around. It's amazing to think I've been caffeine free, sugar free (including artificial), no grains, no wheat, and no legumes for 23 days.  Despite whether you agree with the nutritional aspect, that's some serious self-control that I didn't know I had.  I plan on doing a comprehensive recap once I'm done so stay tuned for that.  Likely after the labor day weekend.

Next week I have 2 (possibly) 3 guest posters on and I think you'll really like them.

Meanwhile have a great weekend and be sure you do something healthy for yourself and your family!


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