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Welcome Back!

This is my official "welcome back to my blog"... but first...



Congrats to... Cody!  (A local friend who re-shared my blog post on Facebook!) You win the Fitbloggin Swag Bag goodies.  Congrats!

For personal reasons I took a bit of a break from blogging... and now that life seems to have gotten into more of a routine, I'm happy to say that I'm back and I'm ready be inserted into the great blogging world. So below is a bit of a recap of things that have happened.  For those already going tl;dr... scrolling through and reading the bolded portions ... you'll get the highlights.

I went to Fitbloggin.  It was awesome. This year it was in Portland and Roni Noone really outdid herself.  This site was fantastic, the speakers were amazing and I truly had the best time I've ever had at Fitbloggin.  This year I was a speaker talking about "Tackling the Taboo of Therapy" and I also spoke at the Ignite Fitness keynote, which was hilarious.  See the video here.  I enjoyed Karen Anderson's session on "Tapping" and Emotional Freedom Technique" and also Emily Sanford's session on "When you Have A Lot to Lose."  The social events were fun and I hung out with some of my favorite peeps.  All around fantastic experience and next year might be in Austin or Nashville.  Either way, that's close to home for me and I will be there!

Love these peeps

I took a break from blogging. Due to some personal things going on, I stopped focusing on blogging and even twitter cause I needed to focus on home life.  My health and fitness goals didn't change, but it was good to regroup and take a break.  Blogging should be enjoyable and when it gets to feel like a chore, I know that's my cue to leave and wait until inspiration comes back.

I am officially a triathlete.  From May through July I trained for the RocketChix Triathlon.  An item that has always been on my bucket list, but something I though I wouldn't do until I "lost all the weight." I've always liked swimming laps and running has been a part of my life for years, but this was my first try at biking (much less doing all three). After getting a decent road bike, I really started to get into doing the training and enjoyed doing a "practice run" with my great running bud Cajun_Tisha.  The day of the race I was nervous, so much so that I placed my self at the end of the pacing in swimming, I was certain I'd be slow.  To my surprise I did 350 meters in 10:21 and felt great going into my transition.  The biking was interesting because halfway into my first mile I had a flat tire.  Big thanks to The Bicycle Shop who were like a pit crew and got me going very quickly.  Once fixed, I struggled on the first 6 miles against the wind and felt like I wouldn't make it, thank goodness for the last 6 miles giving me the wind help cause I was sailing down River Road and felt like I could conquer this triathlon. Lastly I came back in, dropped my bike and started for the 2 mile run.  My legs felt like lead.  It was so hard to run.  If I ever do this again, I'll certainly need to do more bike/run brick workouts, cause this was my Achilles heel.  I opted for small jogs and lots of fast walking, but regardless I ran it in and got my medal and other goodies.  The race itself was very beginner friendly, very supportive and I totally recommend it for any gal who wants to be a RocketChix!

My results!

Swim. Bike. Run. 

Finishers charm, bib, and T-Shirt

I went to see a dietitian, a doctor, and a physical fitness specialist about some health problems. Right before I left for Fitbloggin (during my tri-training) I starting getting very fatigued, having dizzy spells, and just getting the feeling that "somethings not right."  I went to a nutritionist who did a met-test who came back and told me my RMR is 1300 calories - it's official, I'm a manatee.  Her advice was the traditional health methods that I'm already aware of and for the most part, already doing.  Honestly, I didn't feel I got what I needed from the visit.  At Fitbloggin there was a great Ignite Fitness speech from ??? (I'm sorry I can't find the speech and can't remember the name) on adrenal glad fatigue and the symptoms seemed so similar to what I am going through.  So when I got back from Fitbloggin i made an appointment with my primary physician.  He ordered blood work (sugar, vitamin, cholesterol, the works)  Besides slightly high LDLs and low Vitamin D, he didn't have any answers.  When talking about my plateau'd weight loss, his response was "Cardio is really the only way a person can lose weight, you should try two a days for like 6 weeks and that might make a difference."   At one point he said he'd be willing to write me a prescription for Metformin (a diabetes medication) because "people have been known to lose some weight while on it." Needless to say, I'm not sure if he'll be my primary anymore. So as a one last chance I took a friend's recommendation to go to health facility that specializes in alternate means of physical health.  I met with the director and everything he said was very spot on with my suspicions on what's going on with my body.  He recommended I get an adrenal glad test and a food intolerance test (both expensive) and start with healing my hormones and gut and then we'll work on the weight loss from there.  So, I'm waiting on the results which should be back sometime this week. I'm hopeful, very very hopeful.

I started the Whole30 Challenge. Meanwhile... while I'm waiting for test results, I decided to take up another interesting nutritional plan at the beginning of August.  I've been paleo (80% on/20%off) since January, but Whole30 brings a whole new level of commitment.  It's 100% paleo and more.  In addition to no grain, flour, rice, legumes, or dairy, Whole30 limits your amount of fruit, limits oils, encourages grass-fed meat products, and discourages cheating or as they like to call it "Sex With Your Pants On" - making foods into other foods.  Essentially it comes down to 3 meals a day (I've been averaging 4) that consist of protein, healthy fat, and vegetables.  And no snacking in between unless you are hungry. I knew this would be tough having read the timeline but I felt like I needed the "sugar monster" out of my system and I also took the opportunity to go caffeine free.  I'm on Day 20 as of today, and feel healthy and refreshed.  But I'll give a complete recap after it's all done.

Some of my meals - Whole30 compliant
I've been thinking about ditching my "goal weight." I've been thinking a bunch about "body image" and "self acceptance" recently.  Do I really practice it?  Do I really believe it?  I struggle very much with wanting to make myself "better" and allowing myself to just "to be."  So I go back and forth with whether my goal weight hinders me or if it gives me drive.  Of course due to my recent lack of weight loss I feel as though if I give up my goal weight, I'm failing and if I keep it, I may never reach it.  That frame of mind is what sends my thought process into a head spin. Regardless I think my health professional put it best when he said "Let's first get you healthy, then worry about weight loss..." I thought I was healthy.  I thought 1200 calories per day with 30 minutes of strenuous exercise was healthy.  And now that I've had these symptoms and fear I may have some sort of hormonal issue, I'm realizing I wasn't healthy.  I haven't been getting enough sleep.  I haven't been eating the right foods. I have been over exercising. I have been starving myself at times. I have binged after periods of limiting my diet. I think I'm slowly coming to terms with the idea that my "goal weight" and "self acceptance" can co-exist.  I constantly preach "be healthy" and perhaps that also means understanding when an obsession has become "unhealthy"... who knows. I'm still thinking about it.

So there you have it, dear readers, we're back on track.  We laughed, we cried, we farted.

My next post will be either about my test results or Whole30 recap - whichever comes first.  Stay tuned!

Until then - onward.

DW (aka Liz Lemon) says you can!

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