Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Melissa Jo Glover

I wanna talk a bit about this gal:
Melissa Jo Glover
She's a person I met at Fitbloggin.

She's beautiful.  Funny.  Very nice.  And skinny.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  If I didn't know her, I'd hate her.

In fact, I'd make fun of her.  Think she was ditsy, superficial and justify it by thinking that she hated me just as much cause I'd be "fat and lazy" in her eyes.  I'd hate her because she would (in my eyes) be everything that I am not.  And the jealousy and envy of that would make us never have been introduced... never have been acquaintances... never have had the opportunity to know each other.

In reality, she and I are like two peas in a pod.  We're both happy go lucky people.  Quirky, silly. Both brunettes. Both suffer from self-esteem issues despite both of us being outrageously drop dead gorgeous.

Photo credit - Phil Erickson,
But in my eyes - she'll always be the better.  And I often wonder why I put that label on others... like Melissa Jo Glover.  Why do I fee like she's got everything together?

When really the question comes down to, why don't I feel like I have everything together?  Why am I taking my insecurities and pouring them out into anger against this beautiful person.

Meeting her was on of my ah-ha moments at Fitbloggin.  Cause - I. do. this. all. the. time.  I judge beautiful skinny women.  One would think it's the other way around, but nope.  As much as I preach self-love and acceptance.  Beautiful pretty skinny ladies have to be taken down a notch for me to feel better about myself.
Wow.  That's gross. And not at all who I want to be. Or how I would want to be treated.

So I wanted to introduce you to Melissa Jo Glover.  She's beautiful.  Funny.  Very nice.  And skinny.

And I'm okay with all that, cause all of it doesn't mean a damn thing except for the fact that she's someone who I have the honor of calling a friend even for a brief moment.

YummySushiPJs, MelissaJoGlover, and Me


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