Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remind me it's all worth it...

Someone remind me that it's all worth it.

I'm rolling on week 3 of my nutrition plan laid out by my specialist... and while it's easier because I'm familiar with it, I feel worn down.  It's a constant routine of thinking about my supplements and food and cooking and so on.  I want to not have to worry about it...

The good news is I weighed in after two weeks of the adrenal gland supplements and food intolerance food plan and was down 8 lbs.  (Always the skeptic) I'm sure most of that was water weight, however there may be some loss there as I'm seeing my carbohydrates average between 50 - 60g per day (while my proteins and fats are way higher).  (And those are fiborous carbs) So that pretty much guarantees that I'm in a state of ketosis which means fat burning.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that we've found the magic formula that equals DubyaWife Weight Loss... the jury's still out.  190s have been my white whale and if I start seeing some 189 weigh-ins in the near future, that'll make me a believer.

Meanwhile, I'm not running at all.  I'm starting to miss it now that the weather has turned cooler.  I'm doing my best to get all my steps in for the day on my FitBit and have committed to doing 1-2 HIIT classes at my gym.  I may start doing morning walking but it all depends on my energy levels.  I don't want to stress out my already stressed out adrenals.

In two weeks it will be my 4 year blogaversary... it's bittersweet.  I have no milestones to announce or weight loss victories, but to say that I'm still here telling my story and still focused after 4 years is definitely worth celebrating.

As always, Onward.


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