Monday, October 7, 2013

Ketosis, Running, and Blogaversary

Here's a free flow from DW's brain to the blog-o-sphere.  Prepare your brains and eye sockets for the awesomeness to come... .

  • I've lost a total of 9.6 lbs since I've been on my "food intolerance" and "blood sugar normalization" food plan. For those catching up I've been restricted to foods that don't cause a reaction to my blood/digestive system, see "the list" here. 
  • Measurements went down an inch or two here or there (waist and hips) so it's a good sign. It's been about a month that I've been on it with the largest drop in the first two weeks and a little over a pound the following two weeks.  I'm weighing myself daily at home so we'll see if it continues.  For this next month I'm on my own (no scheduled nutritionist visits) so I need to hold on to the motivation as I go.  My clothes do feel looser and of course the bras aren't fitting anymore (wth, I hate that this is always the first thing that goes when losing weight...) 
  • I'm averaging about 50g of carbohydrates per day (less the fiber).  Mainly my diet consisting of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats at each meal.  Since I'm restricting to only one serving of fruit per day and the remainder coming from nuts and vegetables, this makes sense.  I'm assuming my body is in some sort of state of ketosis (which my nutritionist is okay with).  The idea being that I'm losing fat and not lean muscle mass. 
  • I can reintroduce legumes, all fruits (that are on the approved "list") and sugars at this point (4 weeks of the plan)   However due to everything working out so well and my "paleo lifestyle" I've decided to continue as I am. Really I'm just excited that I have the option to have them if necessary, but you won't see me jumping into the rice bowls any time soon. 
  • I haven't been running - and surprisingly, don't miss it.  Usually this time of year is when I want to be outside hitting the pavement the most, but due to the adrenal gland healing process (that doesn't really end until December) I'm not supposed to.  I've been using my fitbit to make sure I'm hitting my steps per day and increasing the goals each week.  Plus I'm still attending my HIIT class once or twice a week to tone up and keep active.  
  • This weekend is my 4 year health journey and blogaversary... Oct 12, 2009 was the exact date all this shenanigans started.  I'm going to do something special so look for that next week.  
Meanwhile, onward. 

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