Monday, November 4, 2013

Food Makes Me Feel Better

I often hear things like "food doesn't make you feel better" or "comfort eating doesn't make you feel better" and I have to call bullshit.

Every time I eat, I feel better.  It's almost instantly. Usually about a half and hour to an hour before I eat I start to get tense.  It's like all my muscles start to tense up.  My jaw tenses up and I get irritable.

The hunger pains will start and then I realize "I need to eat."  Most of the time I snack and then the tension releases, but of course in some cases I delay due to working, forgetting, or not having anything to eat.

If I delay I start to get a headache, my vision and thoughts get foggy.  It's as if my body starts shutting down and crying for food.  I even can feel a dull-roar in my head... caused by the tension that's building up in my brain.

Then I eat.

As I eat it slowly subsides, but about 30 minutes after is when I really notice the difference.  My body relaxes, the tension goes away and I feel so. much. better. It's a food high, because the tension is brought on slowly, but the release is instantaneous after I eat.

I mellow.  My hearing and vision are better.  All of a sudden I feel normal again. I feel happier.

So it's no wonder that we want to have more of that, right?  More of a good thing can't be bad?

Now my body could careless what it was that I ate. All my body cares about at the time is getting back to normal.  (and so do I!) The way hormones work (from what I've come to understand) is at that point your body doesn't care what you ate, so much that it cares that - you ate.

When you're in that state of tension and hunger, it's very hard to make that decision to eat just anything versus something that's healthy.  That overwhelming feeling of tension, hunger pains, and irritability makes making a quick decision easier. But it's really a choice between quick relief and long term relief.

While I'll feel better eating just about anything to make the "hunger monster" go away... later on I'll be bloated, guilty, and potentially gain weight from the "quick decision" snack.  Which is why prep can be so important.  If the apple and nuts are right there to curb the monster, then I'll take it.

But to say that food doesn't make me feel better is a lie.  I know the hunger symptoms. and I know the "food high" that happens after.

Any food makes me feel better short term.  Health food makes me feel better long term.

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