Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Set a Goal Date

My lowest weight at 175lbs
When I started my weight loss journey in October of 2009 I had a great goal that came up and gave me motivation. My bestie was getting married in Dec of 2010 and asked me to be the matron of honor. While the weight loss was always (and still is) a internal challenge, having a deadline really helped me to stay on track, stay focused, and commit to the consistency.

I knew there would be dress fittings.
I knew there would be pictures.
Geaux Tigers! 
I knew I wanted to look good.

After that I started running races - something I always wanted to be able to do - to call myself a runner. But the weight loss side of things has halted since then. Whether it be because of physical issues or just inconsistency.

I'm not sure.
I don't care what the reasons are.

Present day - I'm facing a big point in my life. Starting August 2014 I'll be going back to school and getting my MBA. It's a big endeavor. It'll be a 44 month long process (I'm taking the slow route).

And while I'm going to take my dear sweet time doing it, much of my free time will be spent studying, group work, projects, etc.

Being realistic I know I won't have time to fuss about blogging, exercising, food prep. I'll do my best, but reality is MBA will take priority ultimately.

So that means I have 9 months before my life and routine drastically changes. So I'm compelled to complete those things that I said I always would.

Thus - I'm setting a goal. I wanna lose the last 40 lbs in 9 months. That's a pound a week and (in theory) very doable.

How will I do this? Mostly - what I eat. I'm back to tracking in LoseIt.com and a strict paleo diet. I'm limiting carbohydrates to somewhere between 50-60g (less fiber) per day. Diet of lean meats, fruits, veggies, and tree nuts. Hopefully this will put me in a healthy state of ketosis and ultimately result in weight loss. I'm also watching my calories as I can tend to over eat, especially in the healthy fats area. It keeps me accountable.

As far as exercise, I'd like to be more active and get into a routine but finding that difficult to hold strict to, so I'll follow Roni's Weigh advice and do "What I Can, When I Can" (#wycwyc)

The key component to all this is consistency. Keto demands consistency to work. And for me, consistency never works if there's no date attached to it. It's tough to say "I'll do this for the rest of my life..." Cause like any human I need the delicate balance between routine and spontaneity.

Having a deadline... Having this August 2014 date really puts me in a focused frame of mind. When I have my moments of weakness I'm able to say "No. Stick with it. Keep going... Aug 2014." It's like it's a race. And that gets me competitive with myself. I'm not sure why but it works for me.

Can I do it!?! 
In addition I'm tracking my weight loss on a week to week basis (I was dedicated to this when I lost the first 60lbs). Seeing the trends and the average weight loss helps me to have those small goals and keep up with the motivation as well as measurements (hip, waist, etc.)

So now I'm here with a new set of motivation and focus and ready to spend the next 9 months on this baby (pun intended). I'm sure there'll be temptations and issues that arise (Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday) but I'm going to get laser-focused on this goal and really try to make it happen before I take the next leap in my life.

Time to hunker down and make it happen. Onward.


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