Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Reflections

Every time of this year it's an opportunity for us to reflect on the past.  This year has been one that has really been life altering and deserves some serious reflection.  Here's the highlights:

  • Paleo Lifestyle.  In January I started a paleo challenge and since then I've been PAF for the better part of the year.  I can gladly say that it is a way of eating.  Clean eating has become part of who I am now. 
  • Traded a life-sucking job for a fantastic one.  While I try hard to not allow my career to define who I am, it's always so much better when you can have a job that needs and appreciates you.  My previous was very emotionally stressful.  I feel much more comfortable and happy where I am. 
  • The Color Run, Crescent City Classic, Play Dirty Adventure and the RocketChix Triathlon.  The Color Run is now one of my favorite "fun" 5Ks.  It was just such as amazing experience, read about it here.  Crescent City Classic was very interesting this year because I did it alone.  While I didn't train very well for it, I finished and I think that was a great experience for me.  Play Dirty is always a great time with my running buddy Tisha. It's a tradition and I hope to keep it going.  And lastly I trained and trained and actually competed in the RocketChix triathlon.  Through this all I discovered that I'm not fond of long distance biking (although I do love my speedy street bike) and that I needed a break from running.  It wasn't fun anymore. 
  • DubyaKid became DubyaTeen.  A bunch of changes are my daughter grows and really captures her own personality and style.  This is her 8th grade year and she's no longer the "little girl" but now a young woman.  She's smart, funny, sweet, and talented.  I'm honored to be her mother and so grateful to see her grow... but it's happening way too fast.
  • Fitbloggin 2013.  I co-presented with a group of wonderful ladies about Healthy Emotions and also did  Ignite Fitness speech.  Overall this was the best Fitbloggin I've been to.  The location (Portland) was wonderful and I felt like I was hanging out with good friends who love and accept me for me. It truly has become my haven that I look forward to each year. 
  • Whole 30.  I gave it a shot for 30 straight days and completed it.  It was a tough thing to do but I'm very proud of the amount of effort I put in to doing it.  I didn't quite see results that I felt made a huge difference, but I did enjoy the challenge. 
  • Metabolism, Food Intolerance and Adrenal Glands. In an effort to get some guidance on my lack of weight loss (2 year plateau) I went to see some specialists.  A dietitian told me that I have the resting metabolism of a sloth (1300kcal), my doctor said there's nothing physically wrong with me (blood work was fine) but that I should work out more ("two-a-days"), and a specialist said my issue was food intolerance and adrenal glad problems.  When it comes down to it, I'm not sure what the issues may be.  But I'm still on the journey to break through "the plateau".  
  • 4 years of blogging. I passed my fourth year of being on this health journey.  It's bittersweet because I feel like I should have hit my goal by now.  The past 2.5 years have really been me hovering around the 195lbs.  Not much of a weight loss blog if I'm not losing weight.  But then - I realize that this is my special place and I started it as an online diary that inspires both myself and others.  So I'm proud that I've kept up with it for so long. 
  • Ketosis.  In August 2014 I'm going to go back to night school for my MBA.  So I decided to challenge myself for the next 9 months.  I'm going to go on a strict low carbohydrate, high fat nutrition plan and see if keeping my body in ketosis for the next 9 months will push through this weight loss barrier.  
On the horizon for 2014? We all have hopes and dreams and here are a few of mine:  
  1. Get out of the 190s.  Shit, I'd settle for seeing some strong consistent 180 numbers at this point. If I can stick to this keto plan I may just be able to see it. I struggle with setting goals and just being happy at 190s. 
  2. Get back into regular exercise.  This has definitely become an issue since my new job has me commuting and I lose an hour everyday just for that, but I need to carve out the time to really getting in some physical activity during the workdays. 
  3. Attend Fitbloggin 2014 in Savannah. This might be a challenge.  The conference ticket prices are high, the flights are expensive, and the hotel isn't very cheap. While it's in the south closer to home, it's still an issue getting there and paying for everything.  It's 50/50 right now if I'm going. 
  4. MBA. As stated before I'm going to start the program in August 2014.  It's a big leap and will take a huge time commitment.  So I hope I can juggle my family life, goals, and career (in that order) to be successful.
I look forward to a new year and a new DubyaWife!  Onward! 


  1. <3
    And I dont know how I'll deal without you in Savannah. Can't bear to think.

    1. I'll be there chica. Now that I'm speaking i pretty much have to. :)

  2. I can't tell you how sad I was not to be there in Portland and see your presentation. I've got my fingers crossed for you that you'll make it to Savannah. I really love that these "weight loss blogs" of ours have become a safe haven space that equals so much more. I'm wishing you all kinds of amazing in 2014 my friend!

    1. Thanks Meegan! I was so sad that you and Tara weren't there in Portland. But nonetheless you both remain wonderful cherished friends. <3

  3. Stalking take 3 - HAHA!! Here comes 2014!!!

    1. Your stalking is welcomed with open arms!