Friday, December 13, 2013

To Me; From Me

Since 2010 I have been writing a letter to myself for Christmas.  Click here to see 2010 or 2011 posts. A Christmas tradition, I write it from the point of view of my body giving me a gift.  It helps to remind myself that I'm giving myself the gift of health everyday.  So here goes: 

Dear DubyaWife,

It was tough to find a gift for you this year.  2012 was a very bad year for both of us and with all the stress it made it tough to give you anything.  I even forgot to write you a letter last Christmas... Sorry about that. We both just hunkered down until things got better.  And they did. 2013 brought about some welcomed change.
So now I've found the best gift for you.

It took me a very long time to find the perfect gift and I had go to doctors and specialists and even try out some new nutritional plans to find this gift for you but I finally did. After two years of waiting, I got more information and more educated on your special gift.

Here's what I learned about this gift:

  • You'll have to "feed it" everyday but not too much and you'll have to track the nutrition of what it eats. Every day. 
  • It doesn't react well to breads, sweets, legumes, potatoes or any type of high carbohydrate foods. Milk products are okay but only in small quantities. So avoid those. 
  • It does need exercise, but not too frequent or too much.  It's very sensitive to being over trained. 
  • It needs a set schedule and consistency.  If you flub up on the above stuff it's not the end of the world but just know it may affect the results. 
  • Unfortunately that means it will need to plan ahead and make some tough choices when it comes to social events, parties, holidays, etc. 
  • It'll take anywhere between 5 - 8 months before you see results.  So be patient. 
In 2010 I was able to give you 70 lbs of weight loss. 
In 2011 a new hobby - running.  
2012 I gave you respite.  

In 2013 while I wasn't able to give you the weight loss you really wanted, I gave you something even better. The knowledge and education to do so.  So in essence, for 2013 my gift to you is - resolution.  The resolution that armed with the knowledge and motivation to hit your goals, I know you will do it.  You can now be resolved in knowing that the current weight loss path you're going down is working and will work.   Guaranteed. 

I hope you like my gift and I hope you use it well. 

Hoping you have a happy and HEALTHY Christmas!

Your Body

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