Monday, January 5, 2015

Go Big or Go Home

I was once at a company meeting and the details of the meeting really aren't that important. Each of us was asked to go around the room and introduce ourselves, stating our name, our job title, how long we worked for the company, and lastly some "interesting thing" about ourselves.

The leader started... and his interesting thing was that he was born in IDontCareVille and now resides in BoringTheCrapOuttaMeTown. Let's just say I wasn't listening.

Next was me. I stand up. Cause it's a room full of 10-15 people and I wanted to be heard and seen. I tell everyone "I'm going to stand so that everyone can see me and I can see you." I flash a huge DubyaWife toothy smile and in a clear and confident voice give my name, my job, my years of service...

"And an interesting thing about me is that I once sang in Carnegie Hall."

I get oohs and aahs (It's a ruse. I've used this "interesting thing" many times. It's just something I throw out there cause I know it will get this reaction. In fact for my college applications I started my letters with a small narrative of  my experience singing in Carnegie Hall. It was brilliant and well written. My mom had the idea. It didn't get me any scholarships.)

I sit down and the next person goes. He doesn't stand. Gives his name, job, time-length and then says: "And my interesting thing is that I'm not really that interesting" which gets a laugh. I give myself a mental kick under the table for going grandiose instead of comedy. dammit. 

The next person goes and says the same thing.

The next person goes and says something similar. Another comment that emphasizes that they don't have anything interesting to say. Then something weird happens. Each person stays seated, says their name, job, and year with the company.
But each. and every. friggin. one of them.
Cops. out.

"Nothing really interesting to say" I'm the only interesting one sitting in a room of uninteresting people. At an opportunity to shine they all fall short.

I love wearing costumes. And not just Halloween, or Comic Con, or Ren Faires. Each of The Hunger Games movies I've dressed up as Effie. Full wig, full shoes, gloves, high pitched voice and all. I get excited about Mardi Gras cause it's just another chance to wear costumes. I get excited to perform. I've never shied from the stage. I hunger for the limelight and I very rarely ever disappoint if given the opportunity. I'm (usually) all in. All the time.

Fuck humble. Since when has meekness ever gotten anyone anywhere? Scan social media feeds and they are chock full of quotes and motivation that talk about courage, bravery, letting your voice be heard.

Why waste the chance to show others how awesome you are? Why squander away a moment to let people know the badass things you do?

Stand up and say your interesting thing.

Oh and always go for laughs over extravagance, no one likes a braggart.


  1. What a bunch of losers, though. "My interesting thing is that I'm boring, just like everyone else in this room except the one interesting person."

    Love the Effie idea. I don't do a full-on costume, but I do tend to wear something Katniss-inspired or my Mockingjay pin.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself... although I kind did (see above) ;-) Thanks!

  2. I adore you in all your "Go big" stuff.

    I'm not sure I could pull it off... but I would NEVER state that I'm uninteresting! I think that's one of the reasons I'm going for setting power lifting records. To have that truthful interesting thing to say....

    1. Well said, Deb. I doubt anyone has "nothing interesting to say" but instead I think just under cut themselves.
      That's what i do not understand.
      Wave your freak flag, I say!