Monday, January 12, 2015

Looking Pretty is Not One of My Priorities

As we all go into the New Year with our resolutions and hopes and goals, here's some motivation for that new diet you're trying. So put down the cinnamon roll (calories aren't allowed on your diet) and listen up.

At Fitbloggin 2012 I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the great Sheryl Yvette (@bitchcakes). She's one of my favorite Facebook/Twitter personalities, a delight in person, and her weight loss story is inspirational.

At a social, she came down looking downright gorgeous for the red-carpet. I oogled over her gorgeous persona and inadvertently flirted with her in the hopes of drunk late night hotel antics. We struck up a convo for sake of brevity I don't remember exact words. (I have a horrible memory. Seriously. I'm fairly certain that when you give birth the greedy baby-parasite rips out a portion of your brain that is able to retain memories as it squishes out of the vaginal canal. Ah, the beauty of childbirth.)

This is the best I can recall.

Me: "Wow, you look so great!"
SY: "Thanks!"
Me: "I just do not have the time to get myself all dressed up like that..."
SY: "Yeah..."
Me:  "Yeah, just to put on makeup and do my hair and all... don't have time for that."
SY: "Well, when it's a priority, you make time for it."


There ya have it, folks.

Called out.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that she was mean or rude about it, she was actually very pleasant. Sheryl has this wonderful sarcastic New York style sense of humor that makes you want to laugh and also want to punch her in the face. It's beautiful.

The convo kept going thereafter. But I was floored for some reason at that moment. She's got it right.  And perhaps it's obvious information that we all know but poignant. It's stayed with me enough to write about it years later.

In our lives we tend to do those things that we enjoy, bring us pleasure or things that are really important to us.

My sister doodles.  She's an artist.
My daughter plays video games. She loves video games.
My husband podcasts about role-playing games. He plays role-playing games.
We're nerds. Don't judge.

Some people can't stand a single dirty dish in the sink... I couldn't care less.
Some people can't go out of the house without putting on makeup... meh.
Some people require coffee in the mornings... ok, so I agree with this one.

Are you getting my point?

Some of us have certain things in our lives we will not waiver on.  Values by which we live by.  Strong convictions that make us stand up and say "Hey, I know what I want, and I'm going to defend that. Come hell or high water - that is important to me!"

Now maybe doing up your hair and makeup like Sheryl isn't noble or courageous, but to her, it's a necessity.

Running is a priority for me. It's one thing I won't waiver on. I make time for running. I love it.

It takes hard work and dedication, but as SY says "Well, when it's a priority, you make time for it."

Now, excuse me while grumble while in my self-induced-temporary-coma-like-state, making excuses that it's too early and too cold to run this morning.

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