Wednesday, April 29, 2015

First World Problems: No Electricity

With the earthquake in Nepal, marriage equality fight in SCOTUS, and the riots in Baltimore you may have missed the news reports about the storm that came through my neighborhood in South Louisiana. I blame the media for not notifying you of this horrendous event. My problems are more important than anything on the news. Cause srsly as a white upper middle class female I've been without power for three days. Three. Days. People. Where's my interview with Diane Sawyer so this can be corrected? How is this not the most important thing to fix on anyone's agenda! Doesn't the world revolve around me! < / sarcasm >

With over 60 mph gusts and some swirling clouds through the heart of my city, I have to say it was pretty scary. During the storm I was hunkered down int he hallway with my coffee and a flashlight. All that one needs to live.

Here's just a few things that I'd like to mention about the suckage of no electricity.
  • Pooping without the fan on. 
  • Taking a shower in eerie glowy lamp light. This is how horror movies start. 
  • No white noise. And the "it's too quiet feeling."
  • Coffee. No coffee pot. This is everything. Send help. 
  • That muscle memory of flipping on a switch and then remembering that you don't have electricity or as I like to call it "Electricity Alzheimer's." What? come at me bro
  • Feeling like you're grimey all the time cause the windows are open and the AC isn't circulating, so there's just this haze of human ick and it's all over you. 
  • Trying to keep your food in your fridge cold, but knowing that I'm going to have to throw away most of it. 
  • Having to go out to eat all the time cause I can't cook at home. 
  • Can't charge cell phones. 
  • No TV. 
  • No Video Games.
  • No Alexa
  • Seeing people in your neighborhood who either have lights or have generators and hating them. 
  • Stop lights that are out and spending a lifetime going through them because no one understands the idea of a four way stop at these things so it's a constant battle of "Should I go? I think... Is it my turn?... He's going... Okay I'm gonna go..."
  • Traffic cause of aforementioned stop light idiocy. 
  • Those over zealous neighbors who have already cleared away their debris and my house still looks like something out of the Walking Dead. "No, Carol, I will not look at your flowers..."
  • Having someone tell you their power came back on but their cable is still out so they have to watch movies and TV on their laptop instead of their regular TV... -_____-
  • Having to work... Cause a) you don't sleep well, b) there's this annoyance of your personal crap not taken care of and c) everyone else HAS POWER. 
In all seriousness my problems are nothing compared to the issues around the globe right now. But dammit I miss my juice. A few good things have been that the weather has been cool enough to open windows, putting together a puzzle with the DubyaFam, and our general commiserating about the situation. In all, it makes you appreciate the convenience of life all that more.

EDIT: If you post a comment about how you still have power... I'll go Liam Neeson on your ass. 


  1. You should invest in a French Press coffee pot. Then you just need to boil water to make coffee. Plus, pressed coffee just plain tastes better than drip coffee.

    1. Boil water on what? A fire? What is this the dark ages????

  2. I think the longest we've gone without power is about half a day, maybe a full day because of hurricanes. It's ridiculous. And I totally understand every single point.

    1. The longest is a week and a half for me. I think that was Katrina.

  3. The same problem is foreseen the next time summer comes around unless additional capacities are realized.